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Best Tips for Every Town Hall level in Clash of Clans | 2022 Updated

This post has tips for every single town hall level meaning no matter where you are in your clash of clans journey, there is something here for you!
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Tips for Every Town Hall 

This post has tips for every single town hall level meaning no matter where you are in your clash of clans journey, there is something here for you!

                        I'm your friend Saurabh from TutorGaming. It's great to have you. 


   Many of the tips I give in this post are transferable between levels so the best value is by reading through but i do have Table of Contents so you can skip ahead or easily review your relevant town hall level.

Town Hall 1

Best Tips for Town Hall 1

Let's begin with town hall 1. I highly doubt there's any town hall 1 players here, but in the tutorial you do not have to spend gems you can let the timer tick down. These will be very important as you progress through the game and with the first attack. You do not have to use all of your wizards, you actually don't unlock them until later on in the game so you might as well save on to a few. Once you've completed the tutorial you are a town hall 2. Congratulations!

Town Hall 2

Best Tips for Town Hall 2

The game will give you a shield for a couple of days. This means that nobody can attack you to steal your loot whilst you can go into multiplayer to steal other people's loot. It will cost you part of your shield so you might want to go into the single player and just get used to the game mechanics. There's actually some pretty nice loot available to help you upgrade your base. The game will prompt you but there are challenges that you should try and complete because these will give you rewards free items in order to upgrade your base even faster and hey free gems are free gems.

Town Hall 3

Best Tips for Town Hall 3

At town hall 3, you have access to the layout editor. You can use this to easily rearrange your base and you want to centralise the mortar. You will find this out yourself but it does incredible damage at this level. Also for town hall 3 and any of the lower levels i would recommend upgrading the mines and collectors so you make more loot even when you aren't online.

Town Hall 4

Best Tips for Town Hall 4

Town hall 4 opens a whole new world to clash of clans. Not only can you edit your bases, you can download bases via a link. I actually have a post on the best bases for every town hall level:
Best bases for every Town Hall level 

Town Hall Boosts Unlock

When you upgrade to town hall 4, this is the first level you get access to the town hall boost. In a nutshell it gives you a lot of perks so you want to be super active with this because it means you're going to get more loot to upgrade your base.

Town Hall 5

Best Tips for Town Hall 5

Town hall 5 is where it will start to take you a little bit longer to upgrade through particularly with all of the walls. You might have been using pretty much any troops up until this point but to maximize your farming and the amount of loot you gain, I would highly recommend the Barch. It is simple one line of barbarians first in order to tank followed by a line of archers to shoot over walls, if necessary to easily take down the mines and pumps. Another tip for the Barch is to have 10 barbarians and archers in your quick train slot, this means you can click train a bunch of times and it will give you a nice even spread of barbarians and archers.

Safe Elixir 

Power tip time, this is appropriate throughout the rest of the game. Look at my elixir 662 000, if I were logging off the game I would want to protect as much loot as possible so you can cook up troops in the background balloons recommended for town hall 5 as well as spells to hide some loot from the opponent. Just make sure that when you log back on, if you do not want these troops to be built you cancel them back out and this will refund you the elixir.

Town Hall 6

Best Tips for Town Hall 6

Welcome to town hall 6, you have unlocked the clan games. You really want to work as a team for this but as an individual player i recommend getting to 4 000 points because then you get to choose an extra reward from any of the tiers. Obviously you want to select one from a higher tier and if you do want to complete the clan games fast you want to drop down in trophies but if you do decide to push trophies the giants and wizards is a great strategy.

Gaint-Wizard attack strategy 

Be sure to check if there's any clan castle troops, you can easily take these out with archers. If there is, then send the giants in with wizards behind to quickly clear out areas with wall breakers. You want to try and target splash first place the healing spell in front of the giants so that it keeps them alive. You probably need a heal spell in the center of the base and if there are any defenses away from air defense you can use balloons to help clear these up clan castle hog riders if you have them is a great addition but you can go ahead and wreck the base with this.

Town Hall 7

Best Tips for Town Hall 7

You are progressing through the game nicely and this is the first time that you have access to the season challenges. There is a variety of them for you to complete and you really should be focusing in on this even if you are not purchasing the gold pass. You get some pretty sweet free rewards. Town hall 7 is also where you unlock your first hero the barbarian king. You should focus on getting him to level 5 as soon as possible because this is where he unlocks his ability and you should always use this once he has taken a little bit of damage because he actually recuperates health in doing so.

Best TH7 attack strategy: Dragon 

At town hall 7 the dragon attack is a great option and i like to use my barbarian king to tank four archer towers to relieve a little bit of fire from the dragons. Remember that the barbarian spawned will be the same level as barb's you have in your laboratory. The exact same rule applies with archers, once you unlock the archer queen at town hall 9.

Protect Dark Elixir Drills

You should also know that the amount of dark elixir people can steal from your drills is greater than the amount people can steal from gold mines and elixir collectors. It is 50% from the gold mines and elixir collectors but 75% from the dark elixir drills so make sure to keep the drill well protected.

Town Hall 8

Best Tips for Town Hall 8

Town hall 8 and the attack strategies available to you start expanding massively. There is a lot we could go into but the earthquake spell is probably the most confusing. It deals damage on the maximum hp of a building but every extra earthquake spell you use, deals less damage than the last and the earthquake spell is used in the best attack strategy for town hall 8.

How to lure & kill CC troops

So let's teach you it first lure out the clan castle troops and pull them to the edge of the map use a golem to tank with wizards behind to take out the troops these are also going to be used to create the funnel which you need to do slightly around the base as well. Use wall breakers to give access into the base for your king and clan castle valkyries or bowlers. If you have access, it's important you know that four earthquake spells of any level will destroy walls. This gives you access into the base and once your troops are in the middle circle, the outside with hog riders making sure to keep them healed using your spells. Now just surround the base with any remaining troops you have to clean up and give you the three stars. In an upcoming post, i will teach you the best attack strategy for every town hall level and i'll go into that in a lot more depth at town hall 8.

Trader unlocks at Town Hall 8 

You also unlock the trader. This is not a big deal but make sure you check daily because there are sometimes free items in there. If you are purchasing anything with gems, the training potion 25 and the book of heroes for 500 are the best value in my opinion.

Town Hall 9

Best Tips for Town Hall 9

Town hall 9 is a very popular town hall level and whilst this is the case for every town hall level make sure you focus on the offensive upgrades. First you unlock a lot of new troops and spells here and that is not to mention your archer queen. I will give you some tips for her in a moment but as with all of the heroes try and get her upgraded to level 5 as soon as possible to unlock the royal cloak ability. This is clearly going to help you out in war but even if you are farming and you find a base with an exposed dark elixir storage because the ability turns her invisible you can snipe the storage get out of there.

Best TH9 Farm Strategy: Baby Dragon 

Speaking of farming town hall 9 gives you access to what i think is the best farming strategy in clash of clans- the baby dragons. You can first take down air defense if necessary with lightning spells and then simply spread the baby dragons around the base to take the collectors. Ideally targeting any air targeting defenses first such as archer towers. The reason i like the baby dragons for farming it is one single troop to worry about cooking up and it is so easy you can take the collectorates with even just a few baby dragons and the army is strong enough to get in towards the storages which a Barch style. Strategy can sometimes be difficult to do. Upgrading the heroes is important at any town hall level especially town hall 9. There are 50 levels between the king and queen. So basically you should start focusing on upgrading them from the get to go.

Practice Queen Charge

One of the best methods for your archer queen though is a queen walk. Do not forget about the practice modes, you get a ton of loot. It actually also doubles up to your season bank and there are two levels at town hall 9 angry babies and witch slap which teach you the queen charge. It really depends on the level of your queen versus the level of base you are going up against and whilst i'm moving on to town hall 10, I have a post on the queen walk explained for you town hall 9 players i've linked it here:


Town Hall 10

Best Tips for Town Hall 10

Welcome to town hall 10. You now have access to siege machines whilst you cannot build these yourself, you can receive them from a higher level clan mate. You request this at the same time as your clan castle troops and it is your clan castle troops which fill the siege machine. Before i briefly give you a tip on siege machines i want to let you know that the inferno towers particularly on multi mode are fantastic for defending your village and protecting your loot whilst this does add to your war weight, it's not that big of a deal. The war algorithm takes into account offense and defensive buildings so unless you are the number one player and you are worried, you can't take out the opposing number one player i would just go ahead and build them. It's going to help you massively. 

Best Town Hall 10 attack strategy: ZapDrag

Let's quickly teach you the best and easiest town hall 10 attack- the zap dragons. Take out three air defenses with lightning spells, it will take you four lightning spells to take down an air defense. So make sure you take out surrounding buildings or at least damage them for the third air defense. If you can receive a higher level lightning spell from a clan mate, it will only take three. Meaning you can save on to a freeze spell for your dragons, send your heroes into the fourth air defense. I like to take a couple of wall breakers and a baby dragon but this is not always necessary and if possible snipe off any buildings with balloons. To help relieve health on your heroes, you may need to use one dragon at the opposite side to set the funnel but send all of the dragons with balloons and a clan castle lava hound in towards the center of the base and you want to make sure you're flying in behind the air sweeper.

Freeze Single Inferno tower

Be sure to freeze the most dangerous defenses whether it be a single target inferno, the enemy queen or ideally everything altogether. Now the only thing left for you to do is hold on to the hero abilities until it is absolutely necessary, if you have sent the dragons in early enough. Hopefully the heroes can help you clutch the three star but honestly once the air defense are gone, the dragons should have an easy ride.

Outside Town Hall 

Some people ask why the town hall is on the outside of a war base!
The wall wrecker and battle blimp siege machines pass towards the town hall, so since it can't fight back at town hall 10 it is a way of messing siege machine pathing. But do not forget about the stone slammer, it will target defensive buildings. If you are a town hall 10 puzzled by siege machines i have a post explaining them all right here:


Town Hall 11

Best Tips for Town Hall 11

Where do i begin, my tips are going to focus on your new hero- the grand warden and your new defense- the eagle artillery. Either way real quick, town hall 11 is also where you get access to super troops. The dark elixir investment for sneaky goblins is good for farming. You will easily make that dark elixir back my friends and the super wall breaker can give you an easier time during war attacks. The grand warden is a support hero and has a life aura nicely indicated by the circle around him where he boosts the hp of troops inside this once you get him to level 5. He has a pretty sweet ability turning troops inside this circle immune. You obviously want to use this over high damage areas but it can be good if your troops are about to split up.

Ground - Air Grand Warden 

Remember to place Grand Warden on either ground or air to best support your attack. Basically the ground version is susceptible to ground traps and cannons whilst the air version is susceptible to air traps and air defense. The eagle artillery has virtually unlimited range, you can just about see the boundaries off the map but it is not active until 180 units are used by your opponent. I say units because troops, spells, heroes everything gets added to this equation. There is also something really important as you upgrade the eagle artillery through town hall 12. But you town hall 11 players, I have a pop-up here of my post showing the best attacks:


Town Hall 12

Best Tips for Town Hall 12

At town hall 12, when you upgrade the eagle artillery to level 3; the amount of units required to activate, it is no longer 180, it is now 200 units. So whilst i am not telling you to not upgrade, it it might be lower down your priority list because that will be a disadvantage to you. The defense that you should prioritise upgrading is the town hall itself because it will now fight back once you upgrade this to level 5. You unlock the Gigabomb which deals huge amounts of damage when your town hall is destroyed, you want to unlock that as fast as possible. Normally the best idea is not to have it dead in the center of the base but slightly outside of the center this means that you can trap your opponent into this area but also spread out your main defenses again right at the end of this one. I shared a link above to a post which has the best bases for every town hall level.

Headhunter slowing down Hero

One of the new troops that you unlock at town hall 12 is the headhunter. She is a hero targeting assassin and whilst she can be difficult to use, it's very easy to snipe heroes at the edge of the map or consider sending a couple of them in with your main army. When you're going to use the grand wardens ability, this protects them through the map to set off any traps and hopefully take down the heroes whilst we are swiftly going to move to town hall 13. If you thought that headhunter trick was helpful, I did a post on every single troop in the game:

Tips For Every Troops in Clash Of Clans

Town Hall 13

Best Tips for Town Hall 13

We are nearly there my friends town hall 13 it is. Every two town hall levels from town hall 7 you unlock a new hero town hall 13 is no different as you unlock your royal champion, the first defense targeting hero. I have mentioned but you always want to get your heroes to level 5 as soon as possible to unlock their special ability. The best ways to use your royal champion are either sending her in alongside the main army since she can blend in and continually do damage to the defenses or to just send her in initially to clear an area whether it be for a specific defense or pathing.

Trick: Use Royal Champion  + 1-1 ZapQuake 

A cool trick is to use one lightning and an earthquake spell alongside the seeking shield to take down an inferno tower. You should be aware though that the single target inferno can take down the royal champion faster than the automatic ability can be used. Your new defense at town hall 13 is the scatter shot, it is incredibly powerful a splash damage defense attacking both ground or air troops. No defense can attack both at the same time. By the way so you want it well protected in your base. If you are attacking against it, you're going to need a plan whether it is a freeze spell, a heal spell. Make sure you know how you're going to take it out.

Town Hall 14

Best Tips for Town Hall 14

And now the highest level currently in clash of clans- town hall 14. The main shift in gameplay is the hero pets for attacking and builders for defending. So let's give you some tips whilst the pets are versatile and you could get value with any of them. I think there are best combos and i did a whole separate post on this:

But let's give you a very brief summary. I like to use lassie with the royal champion because lassie is fastest and can keep up with the royal champion as she jumps over walls. The electro owl is an obvious choice with the grand warden because it will attack the same target as the grand warden. The grand warden has the greatest range so you're keeping the owl protected.

Best Pet & Hero combos

Really though the best two pets are the mighty yak and the unicorn. You can rotate these between the king and queen. If I want the king to get into a compartment to take out that area I will use the yak with him perhaps i'm doing an extensive queen charge that's when I will use the unicorn with the queen. But if I am doing a hybrid attack, I use the unicorn with the king to keep him alive around the entire base to help the hybrid through obviously in that situation yak is with the queen. Also try and upgrade your pets evenly to at least level five. This means when you use a hero potion, the pets are boosted to maximum level.

Builder's Hut

Your new defense- the builder hut has a radius of seven tiles. To easily see which buildings the builder can repay, you just have to look at the radius and as long as it is overlapping he building you want the builder to repay. Then just know that, this was the troll base we set up when i went on defense with five battle builders around the town hall. But just know that the more builders you have on a set building the less repair each builder will do, they have a diminishing effect much like the healers on heroes whilst each builder can repair any building within the radius you should know that it will always default back to the builder hut if it is damaged and if the builder hut is destroyed the builder is gone whilst you are attacking you should know that your spells work against the builders for example the freeze spell will pause him so that he no longer can repair the building and that was your whistle stop tour of some of the most important tips for each town hall level.

If you enjoyed this, let me know. Any other tips or posts you would like to see, type in the comments and be sure to enjoy the rest of your day ;)

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