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Best Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 15 CWL Base and War Base with Links | July 2023

Enhance your Clan War League defense with optimized bases for Town Hall 9 to 15. Achieve victory with strategic layouts and recommended clan castles.
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Are you a Clash of Clans enthusiast searching for optimized bases for Clan War Leagues? Look no further! In this article, we will dive into seven top bases that are tailored for Town Hall levels 9 to 15(TH9 to TH15). These bases have been meticulously designed to defend against popular attack strategies while offering strategic advantages. But before we get into the details, let's understand the importance of choosing the right base for your Clan War League journey. You can also use these bases in your War.


Hey Clashers! It's that time of the month again, and you know what that means - we're here to present you with a selection of optimized bases for Clan War Leagues. By utilizing these bases, you can enhance your defensive strategies and elevate your gameplay. So, let's dive in and explore these bases, including their defense mechanisms, recommended clan castle troops, and more!

Best TH9 Base

Best Town Hall 9 CWL + WAR BASE
Let's start with the Town Hall 9 base. This base focuses on countering common air attack strategies such as dragon spam or electro dragons. The key feature of this base is the strategic spread of air defenses and X-Bows. The storages are positioned strategically to cover the next air-targeting defense, creating a formidable defense against air raids. With this setup, attackers will find it extremely challenging to breach this base successfully.
Clan Castle Troops (Town Hall 9):
- 1 Baby Dragon 
- 1 Dragon
- 1 Witch
- 18 Archers

Best TH10 Base

Best Town Hall 10 CWL + WAR BASE
Moving on to Town Hall 10, we come across an interesting phenomenon - bases with Town Halls positioned outside the walls. This might seem counterintuitive, as it appears to gift the attacker an easy first star. However, the rationale behind this strategic choice is to counter mismatches in Clan War Leagues. Often, when facing higher-level opponents, it becomes more likely that the attacker will secure the second star regardless of the base layout. By placing the Town Hall outside, the base builder aims to disrupt the attacker's plans and force them into unfavorable situations.
Clan Castle Troops (Town Hall 10):
- 2 Super Minion
- 1 Headhunter
- 5 Archer

Best TH11 Base

Best Town Hall 11 CWL + WAR BASE
At Town Hall 11, we encounter a unique base design created by vrb. This base features an intriguing compartment in the top left, creating a bait-like structure with several storages. This design lures attackers into this compartment while offering protection to the Clan Castle troops. The X-Bows are strategically isolated to prevent Electro Dragon chains. The presence of Archers in CC serves as a significant deterrent to Electro Dragons, disrupting their chains and hampering their attack efficiency.
Clan Castle Troops (Town Hall 11):
- 1 Super Minion
- 2 Headhunter
- 11 Archers

Best TH12 Base

Best Town Hall 12 CWL + WAR BASE
This Town Hall 12 base expects attacks from the top side, primarily through air raids. However, this layout leaves the back end vulnerable, tempting ground troops to venture into the base. With the Hound deployed, combined with backend defenses and traps, heroes and remaining troops are swiftly dealt with, ensuring a solid defense. This setup effectively combats both air and ground attacks.
Clan Castle Troops (Town Hall 12):
- 1 Lava Hound 
- 1 Headhunter
- 4 Archers

Best TH13 Base

Best Town Hall 13 CWL + WAR BASE
We present you with an excellent Town Hall 13 base. The focal point of this base is the clan castle location, placed further inside the base to minimize the chances of luring a Hound. The air X-Bows are well-isolated, limiting the efficiency of chains. Once again, the Archers play a pivotal role in disrupting the chains of Electric Dragons, adding an extra layer of defense against aerial assaults.
Clan Castle Troops (Town Hall 13):
- 2 Super Minions
- 2 Headhunters
- 9 Archers

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Best TH14 Base

Best Town Hall 14 CWL + WAR BASE
Moving up to Town Hall 14, we encounter an intriguing base design- the box base. Box bases are gaining popularity due to their success rates in defense. In this layout, key defenses such as the Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery, and the King are positioned in front of the Town Hall. Another island of defenses comprises the Royal Champion, Scatter Shots, and other defenses. Attackers are faced with a challenging dilemma: attack the Town Hall and face threats from the backend, or attack the outer defenses and navigate through the base's intricate layout. Archers, once again, prove to be a formidable force against Electric Dragons.
Clan Castle Troops (Town Hall 14):
- 2 Witches
- 21 Archers

Best TH15 Base

Best Town Hall 15 CWL + WAR BASE
Lastly, we have a unique diamond-shaped base for Town Hall 15. This base stands out from the common box bases, offering a fresh approach to defensive strategies. The diamond-shaped design creates a challenging path for attackers, making it difficult to exploit the base's weaknesses. With careful deployment of troops and defenses, this base stands as a robust defense against various attack strategies. If you anticipate air attacks, using 20 Archers instead of Goblins is advisable in CC.
Clan Castle Troops (Town Hall 15):
- 2 Ice Golems
- 10 Archers
- 10 Goblins


In conclusion, the selection of an optimized base plays a crucial role in your success in Clan War Leagues. The bases offer strategic advantages, countering popular attack strategies, and providing a solid defense. Remember to choose the base that best suits your Town Hall level and playstyle. Experiment with different clan castle troop combinations and adjust the bases according to your needs. With these optimized bases, you can enhance your defensive prowess and dominate the Clan War Leagues!


Can I use these bases for regular wars or trophy pushing?

Absolutely! While these bases are optimized for Clan War Leagues, they can also be effective in regular wars and trophy pushing.

Can I modify these bases to suit my preferences?

Certainly! Feel free to make adjustments and modifications based on your playstyle and strategic preferences.

How do I obtain the recommended clan castle troops for these bases?

You can request the recommended troops from your clan members or utilize the troops available within your clan.

Are these bases suitable for all Town Hall levels?

The bases provided cover Town Hall levels 9 to 15, offering options for a wide range of players. Choose the base that corresponds to your Town Hall level for optimal results.

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