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Best Tips for Every Hero in Clash of Clans | 2022 Updated

Let's give you a tip for every single hero in clash of clans: Strengths, Weaknesses, things you had not thought about whether you are a lower TH.
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Best Tips for Every Hero in Clash of Clans | 2022 Updated
Tips for Every Hero

Let's give you a tip for every single hero in clash of clans: Strengths, Weaknesses, things you had not thought about whether you are a lower town hall level right of the way up to townhall 13 there will be something for all of you in this post so let's dive into it.

            I'm your friend Saurabh from TutorGaming. It's great to have you. 

Every Heroes 

 Let's get straight into this one then we will be starting with the barbarian king unlocked at townhall 7 then we'll move to the Archer Queen unlocked at townhall 9, the grand warden unlocked at townhall 11 and finally your royal champion unlocked at townhall 13. I will be giving you lots of tips for all of them. 

Now we previously did the post where we gave you a Tip for Every single Town Hall level in the game, Checkout here! This is the hero Edition and we will also be bringing you a tip for every single spell in the game.

Barbarian King

Barbarian King 

let's start off with the barbarian king. The first hero you unlock in clash of clans is your barbarian King and I wanted to make sure that you used him to his strengths. He is a tank, he's got a lot of hit points so you use him to absorb the fire from the defenses. Now I have some tips to use him for funneling as well because he's very easy to track where he goes I will bring you the funneling explained post, getting into the nitty-gritty. 

Barbarian King: Tank(absorbs heavy damage)

But you want to use the barbarian king to tank for the archer Queen or some other troops. Use him similar to the barbarians and the archers. The barbarian king absorbs the fire, the archer queen shoots over the top to take them down. Now it's not like you have to use the barbarian king in order to tank at the start of the raid, what I used to do when I was a townhall 7 & 8 is I would actually use the barbarian king to tank on the back end of the base for example when dragons come through I would use the barbarian king to tank back end Archer towers. 

As you get higher up in level, you might not rely on your barbarian King as much because you've got troops and heroes like the archer Queen, the Royal champion. However I would highly recommend using the barbarian king to set up your funnel because he does a brilliant job at that. 

Funnelling with Barbarian King 

Check out this example where he is deployed to purely take out the trash buildings on the outside of the base. Now all we mean by trash buildings are that they will not attack your troops. It's the resource buildings, the barracks, the army comes then style of buildings and your barbarian King is often used to set the funnel for your minor or hybrid style attack. 

Destroy Key defenses with King & Queen

In this instance, it is used purely for the sui Queen. Now we will be getting to the sui Queen example later on in this post but notice the barbarian king takes out some of the buildings and it's going to continue doing so around the top area of the base to allow the archer Queen in. Now the barbarian Kings ability is what really makes this good and it's why he's good as a funneling troop. With all of the barbarians on the outside of the base, they can power through the dangerous areas and ultimately keep the Queen on track through the middle of the base to get her primary target in that of the scattershot which is hugely advantageous at townhall 13 to take that down and it was all thanks to the funneling from the barbarian king.

Archer Queen 

Archer Queen 

The archer Queen is unlocked at townhall 9 and she will very quickly become your most powerful and probably your favorite troop. She does a lot of damage so for that reason generally speaking, you want her into the base itself. 

Queen walk/Queen charge

Now the method you see here with the healers is known as a queen charge or queen walk. I will give you some tips on that in a second but I wanted to highlight the importance of getting the archer Queen into the base. So I highly recommend checking the funneling explained post in order to ensure that you do that because when you get her onto the inside of the base, she can give you a bit of reliability to take down clan castle troops to shoot all the walls to get the dangerous defences and you've also got that ability (once you get it to level 5) to ensure that you can quickly adapt and take out areas of the base. 

                                                But let's tell you about the method there with the healers. An archer Queen walk or charge is one of the most popular uses of your archer queen so let's give you some tips for it. This involves using healers on top of the archer Queen because she does that high damage, you can keep her healed up. Now you might be asking me what is the difference between a Queen walk and a queen charge. 

                A queen walk is sending your queen on the outside of the base. A queen charge is sending her on the inside of the base and I will be doing a post on this sonn so be sure to subscribe our newsletter to see that. 

Now at townhall 10, we are coming in for the multi inferno. A hog rider lures the clan castle troops because you always want to take them down. I want to showcase the importance of the rage spell. You want to place this on top of the Queen in order to boost her damage but also make sure you get the healers in that as well so they are healing the Queen incredibly quickly. So placement of that spell is very important. 

Now once the clan castle troops go down, we've created funneling either side for the Queen to come into the base here with the jump spell. She can take the multi inferno critical at Town Hall 10 irrespective of your level. You want to think about key defenses for the rest of your attack and also setting up funnelling as part of this Queen charge. It's very similar to any kill squad that you would do. Let me know if you'd like to see a post on kill squads, maybe that's a good idea for us to bring you that. 

So in this example, the Queen charge has driven into the base. Taken out huge amounts of defenses but created pathing for the hog riders to come around the base, which is really critical and they are some quick fire tips for the archer Queen charge.                  
   I referenced this earlier but I want to give you some tips on these sui Queen method. This is a brilliant use of your Archer Queen and you might be sitting there thinking, Dude what on earth do you mean by sui Queen. This is the suicide hero method, you can do this with any hero. I will show you an example with the royal champion but you are sending them in to get a specific part of the base and then that is it. 

Now you can use just your heroes or you can also send some support troops. I'd highly recommend the ice golem, if you are to use one of the troops for this because the tanking you get the freeze effect, can just really help and you might need some funneling troops but the barbarian King helped out. 

Now we want to get the Archer tower the Town Hall and the grand warden statue that is it. Once them buildings go down, we are happy the Queen can die at that point. She set up funneling for the lavaloon and she's also got really good value.

      Now part of the skill is identifying, how much you can get not over committing and missing your plan but recognising that you just wanted to get the right amount and in that instance the Queen took down the final objective as she went down. So it was perfectly planned not to commit too much and use too many troops but not to plan for too little. It was literally perfect and that will be some skill and planning and a lot of practice to get that down. 

Grand Warden

The grand warden is a support style hero. You can use him on ground, or air and he will help to boost the health of the troops within his aura. You can see that with the thin line around him. So really use that to your advantage, use the grand warden with the main part of your attack but his main advantage is his ability. 

Now this will take all of the troops within the aura and make them immune for a set period of time, so it makes sense that at townhall 12 and above. You use this for the Giga bomb especially with troops that would go down without it. However a town hall 11, you probably want to use this to absorb the fire from an Eagle artillery shot or it really does depend on the troops you're using. But make sure you are using the grand wardens aura with hog riders, all balloons or masses of troops that would go down over the Giga bomb. 

So like we mentioned the grand warden aura, it really is the main part you want to take advantage of. Especially with the main part of your attack but I wanted to make you aware that you can use it throughout the attack. I'm sure many of you might have knew this but maybe you are starting out with a queen charge. 

Do not wait to put the grand warden on the main part of your attack if you can use him on the Queen charge first. Now this could be the difference between you using a rage, the Queen's ability or a freeze spell and not so the grand warden could boost the health of the Queen just that little bit and then as you see here just merge in with the troops anyway which he would have been deployed with. Now it may or may not make the difference but if you have more spells for the rest of your attack then that has got to be a good thing. So if you can use the grand warden make sure you're considering it. 

The other instance where you might use the grand warden early is to funnel. Now I know I've mentioned funneling a lot but it is because the heroes are very good at it and the grand warden whilst you can use him early remember you do want to use that aura with the main portion of the attack so the grand warden will then be used to supplement the rest of the raid but that's actually where this is good. He's very easy to control because he will turn into support mode with the troops, you'll see what I mean. But the grand warden has greater range so not only can he set up the funnel on occasions, you might be able to reach defenses in the base such as a multi target inferno. I will do a whole separate post on this as well actually the grand warden: positives/negatives everything.

But just know that you can use him to set your funnel and he's very easy to control because as soon as you're done place the troops he will move across to them and then you are getting the added boost of using the aura as well .

Royal Champion

The Royal champion is the newest hero to clash of clans and she's also my favorite hero. You can let me know yours down in the comments. Now my favorite way to use the Royal champion is to side swipe the base, because she only targets defenses. So the yetis and bowlers are dealing with everything at the top, meanwhile the Royal Champion comes in to sideswipe the bottom of the base. So notice how she comes down and purely targets defenses whilst they are tanked which is hugely important and she also helps to keep the yetis and bowlers on track through the middle of the base so I highly recommend using the Royal champion to sideswipe the base. 

But there are a lot of different uses which I'll show you including the seeking shield (what an amazing ability). I've got a pretty sweet example of it at the end of the post. For the royal champion I want you to be aware of the importance of the single target inferno and pressing the royal champions ability early. If the single locks on to the royal champion, it will be able to take her down even if the automatic ability goes off before she can use her seeking shield. So you have to make sure that you use the seeking shield on route to it, it's the only chance you have of taking that down but you might need some other troops or a freeze spell to help support her. 

We showed you the Sui Archer Queen method. Now let's show you the sui royal champion often referenced the Sui RC. Now there's a few advantages here, the royal champion only targets defenses so you don't really have to set up any funnel for her. As you do with the royal champion, ice golems again can be really useful but remember if you're charging a single target inferno which is often the goal you will want to use the ability early, use a freeze and again perfect timing here to just as the royal champion falls, get that final objective. You probably want to charge scattershots, Eagle artillery, single target inferno something of significance but the royal champion Sui method can really be advantageous so make sure you are looking at areas of the base that might be susceptible. 

This is one of the best uses of the royal champions ability that I've ever seen. ESL Meister shaft event where this took place. Be sure to be aware of defenses at the opposite side of the base because the seeking shield can get over there incredibly quickly it might be the difference between you failing on time and getting the three-star. So waiting patiently scarlet on this one uses the seeking shield and it goes right of the way across the map to ensure that this one ended as a three-star. 

Now we've had a lot of different raids from a lot of different attacks in this video. I want to thank you guys for coming through and showing support. If you do want to see the Tip for Every Single Troop, I've put it here

You guys will enjoy that one and be sure to have a good day. We will see you in the next post ;)

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