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Free Cozy Clam Decoration - Get Your In-Game Reward Now!

Cozy Clam free decoration  Have you seen this new decoration making the rounds for a few weeks? It's called the Cozy Clam , and it's hiding a…

Builder Base TROOP Ranking - I Ranked Every TROOP in the Builder Base

In this article, we will be discussing and ranking the troops available at Builder Hall 10 in Clash of Clans. We'll provide an in-depth analysis …

The New and Improved Gold Pass: Exploring the Price Increase and Exciting Rewards

Gold Pass: Price Increase and Exciting Rewards Clash of Clans players, get ready for some exciting updates! The Gold Pass, known for its incredible v…

Apprentice Warden: New Dark Elixir Troop Explained (2023 Update)

Apprentice Warden   Apprentice Warden is a new Dark Elixir Troop who’s available at Town Hall 13 when you upgrade your Dark Barracks to level 10. In…

Explained New Super Hog Rider Troop in Clash of Clans (2023 Update)

New Super Hog Rider Troop Welcome, Clashers! If you're eager to discover the latest addition to the world of Clash of Clans, get ready to meet th…

Auto-Trophy Drop in Clash of Clans: Can You Get Banned?

Auto-Trophy Drop Want to know if you can get banned for  Auto-Trophy Dropping in Clash of Clans ? While I enjoy the Clash of Clans game and most of…
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