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Fastest Way to Upgrade Heroes in Clash of Clans | 2022 Updated

This post is your ultimate guide for upgrading your heroes fast. I will be honing in more on the dark elixir heroes but i will be giving you some tail
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Fast Upgrade Heroes

Let's teach you all of the secrets for upgrading your heroes fast. This will be a town hall 7 through town hall 14 guide, teaching you strategies, tips, everything you need to know.

                      I'm your friend Saurabh from TutorGaming. It's great to have you.


Fast Upgrade Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden & Royal Champion 

This post is your ultimate guide for upgrading your heroes fast. I will be honing in more on the dark elixir heroes but i will be giving you some tailored advice for town hall 11 with the grand warden and town hall 13 with the royal champion. But i've researched a lot for this post. I've split it up into different sections via Table of Contents.                                                     Initially going over general tips: How you should prioritise the upgrades then we will go over bases strategies and pro tips at the end. 

Dark Elixir Tips

Starting out with a few general tips. Many of these might be basic for a lot of you but it is important you get this part right, before we start talking about strategies to use and bases to use.

Priorities Dark Elixir 

First and foremost you need to prioritise dark elixir. The heroes other than the grand warden are dark elixir based and i think the question gets asked about upgrading heroes fast because dark elixir is a tough resource to get so for that reason, when you hit a new town hall level you want to upgrade the dark elixir drills to that max level. I know you don't get the loot from them during their upgrade time but it is definitely worth it in the long run. 

Maxx Dark Elixir Storage and Drills

Also the storage, upgrade this to the maximum for your given town hall level. There's a few reasons for this which we will be getting to throughout the post but first and foremost: if you use a rune of dark elixir, you are getting the best value from that.  
             As a side note when I say prioritising dark elixir. I don't just mean your base upgrades. I mean everything: your attack strategy, your league, your base layout. These are the things I'm teaching you, how to do in this post but the dark elixir needs to be centrally focused.

Upgrade Management

It's not that you can't go after gold or elixir and regular upgrades but if you want to upgrade your heroes fast. Your primary focus needs to be the dark elixir that includes builder management.                 
                  This is hugely important. I can teach you how to farm dark elixir but once you get it, you need to be able to spend it. Time is very important so my advice would be to have two builders reserved for hero upgrades only and your target is to have those two builders working constantly on your heroes. The reason for that is, Most of the players asking on How to upgrade their heroes fast? 
                 I believe our town hall 9 and 10 players where you have your barbarian king and your queen. The grind to get them to level 30 then 40 really seems to be a little bit more difficult than when you are higher level and the dark elixir is a little bit more easy to come by.       
                                             However at town hall 11 and 13, I probably would still prioritise two builders. Although if you do have more resources, you can obviously upgrade more than that. Another quick point on the two builders is that you want to rotate the upgrades as well so when you get to the point where it takes seven days for your archer queen and barbarian king, you would upgrade one of them one day and then the other one 3-4days later. That means that as your barbarian king is upgrading, you're farming the dark elixir to upgrade your queen. Then as your queen is upgrading, you're farming the dark elixir ready for when the seven days of the barbarian king is done and then you have enough to upgrade your king again.  
            You don't have to 100% stick to that upgrade schedule but it does allow you to manage your dark elixir farming and upgrades a little bit more comfortably. Longer term which raises the important point which might seem like common sense but you need to be actively farming. If you're not online and raiding people to get dark elixir then you will never fill your storage as fast therefore you will never be able to upgrade your heroes fast. 

Gems Management

Training Potion: Best for fast farming 
I've got a couple of other quick tips before we teach you the farming strategies. First and foremost if you are a free-to-play player make sure to save onto the gems you earn to unlock the five builders. Once you have done that keep an eye on the trader because if the training portion is there for 25 gems, this is the best value and it will allow you to farm dark elixir within that hour incredibly fast. For free to play players, i would recommend continuing to use your gems on the training portion and to boost your army for farming.
                                                But if you have purchased gems you are farming dark elixir faster than the heroes will upgrade keep an eye on the trader because for 500 gems, the book of heroes will probably be worth it for you.

Trophy Range for Farming 

Trophy Range for Dark Elixir Farming 

Okay so now let's talk about the dark elixir farming range. Where should you farm and the defensive layouts before we teach you the attack strategy specifically. For dark elixir, you wanted to be a little bit higher however this is my recommendation for dark elixir specifically.
Gold League: Best for Farming in TH7&8

                       For town hall 7 and 8, I think anyway in the gold league is the best place you have to be conscious that the higher up in gold league you go, the more likelihood you have of someone stealing your dark elixir as well. I have found that anywhere within that range is perfect.
                                               For town hall 9 the high gold league to low crystal league. I wouldn't push too high into crystal because again you need to be defensively protecting your dark elixir.

Crystal League: Best for Farming in TH10 & Above
         However for town hall 10 and above, crystal and above is the leagues. I say that because people have different preferences for dark elixir you want a strong army, you will find dark elixir throughout crystal from town hall 10 and above. But you could farm right the way up at town hall 13 or 14. 

     I personally like to farm in titan one to practice for war there's tons of dark elixir so crystal and above is the recommendation.

DE Farm Bases 

Dark Elixir Farming Base

For your base design, it goes back to prioritising dark elixir. It should be centrally focused difficult to get to. You can either build a base, copy one of your friends or I have links for you in the other posts. But I would recommend reading ing the next section on how to farm dark elixir first before you copy it. There's base link (Dark elixir farming base) for town hall 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. You're welcome to copy them but let's get to how to farm dark elixir for each of the town hall levels!

TH7-8 Strategy: Barch

Barch Army for TH7&8

Starting with town hall 7 and 8, I don't think you need a specific dark elixir farming strategy. I'll just stick with the Barch army. For this one try and prioritise splash damage defenses towards the perimeter of the base this will mean that your Barch is a little bit easier to get into the base. 
Go for Dark Elixir Storage 

You want to take heavy focus on where the dark elixir is situated, not just with the storage but also the collectors in that of the drills. If your king is up and alive, use him as a meat shield before your Barch. But if not you have your barbarians anyway. I like to take some wall breakers just to allow me into the base. The storage is not always towards the perimeter. It is sometimes in the center, send the barbarians in first followed by the archers to shoot over walls towards the dark elixir and you also want to try and save onto a good group of them to get into the center of the base. This is where you might then consider using a rage or a heal spell to keep them alive and make sure they're doing maximum damage onto the dark elixir storage, once they get to the center of the base.

TH9 Strategy: Goblin Knife 

For town hall 9, there are two main popular dark elixir farming strategies.

Goblin Knife attack strategy 

The second is my favorite but I figured, I would teach you both of them and you can select your favorite. Firstly though we have the goblin knife this involves creating a loot funnel on the outside of the base by taking out all of the collectors then you provide direct access to the dark elixir storage for your mass goblins. You can mix other troops into the army composition such as giants to tank splash damages particularly if both of your heroes are upgrading.

Easy Dark Elixir loot with Goblin Knife 

You can also take wall breakers but I like to take two jump spells to ensure I have access to the dark elixir storage, use a rage spell over the top of it. Your main aim is to get the goblins to the storage, take it down and then you're done.

TH9-10 Strategy: Loonion 

The second dark elixir farming army for town hall 9 is the Loonion this is my personal favorite because it's easier to use in town hall 10 as well.

Loonion attack strategy 

The downside is that you do need to spend some dark elixir on minions which for goblin knife you don't. Send a line of balloons in first, followed by the minions and you're using four rage spells. Two initially you're prioritising the wizard towers and then as the balloons get to the center of the base, you're using your next two rage spells. 

Dark Elixir loot for Fast Hero Upgrade 

This means that the balloons are raged over the core and it also means any minions that get to the town hall and dark elixir storage are also raged. If you do have heroes you can use them on the back end, in order to tank wizard towers or maybe even pop off any other collectors.

But the good thing about this strategy is it's very basic. You just send a line of balloons, send a line of minions with the rages and you don't need your heroes for it whilst you can continue to use Loonion at town hall 10 or other strategies. 

TH10 and Above: Miners

Mass Miner attack strategy 

A mass Miner attack particularly for town hall 11 and above, this would be my recommendation. Now there are variations to this depending on what heroes you have up but use your heroes that are active to help set the funnel then send the miners in a line from one side of the base you will choose this depending on a couple of factors which we will talk about.

Easy Dark Elixir Farming for Fast Upgrade Heroes 

Use your heal spells early i like to use three in a line with then two in the center if you have the grand warden's ability, use the ability early as well protect as many miners as possible and this means you can get in towards the storage in the center of the base. Make sure you don't miss the collectors, if they're full. If you can enter from the town hall side, the town hall is a storage so you still get loot from that but it also means it secures the victory. Miners are very powerful, they will keep you in your desired trophy range and it means that you're not using any dark elixir. This is a full elixir army which is very important when you're prioritising dark elixir, you want to be using an elixir-based army.

Mass Miner OP

The miners are incredibly strong. It will allow you to get the storage rates higher up. If you have your queen active i would recommend a queen charge into miners. It's an even stronger attack and it lets you practice for war. 

TH11 and Above: Sneaky Goblins

Sneaky Goblin: Best Troop for Fast and Easy Loot

For higher town hall such as Town hall 13 or 14, best way to farm dark elixir is to use sneaky goblins with 3-4 Jump spells and Rage/Haste spells. Well sneaky goblins can be unlocked from Town hall 11 so you can use it from Town hall 11 to 14. Also they're very easy to use even without any hero support and fastest troops to farm dark elixir.

Ultimate Tips 

A couple of other top tips to finish off the post. The first tip I want to give you is that, if you are planning on upgrading one of your heroes (the King/Queen) and you're in the middle of a boost. Do not start the upgrade as soon as you get enough dark elixir. Let's say you have 30 minutes left on your boost it's not worth it to have the hero finished 30 minutes earlier you're far better off to continue farming with your hero for that extra 30 minutes. Because likely it will help you to get more dark elixir which is definitely more beneficial in the long run when you're getting to the end of the boost and you're going to be upgrading the hero.

Just know that for the final attack you no longer have to worry about preserving the health which you normally would to use on the next attack or use on defense. You're going to be upgrading the hero so just let it take as much damage as necessary to help you out. Also as you are farming always be on the lookout for free dark elixir snipes. 

Snipe Free Loot and also Maintain Trophy 

Sometimes people put their storages to the outside of the base to try and gain trophies. If you're farming dark elixir, you don't care about that take the free dark elixir. Sometimes if you get too high up in the trophy leagues and you need to drop to get to your desired level, you can actually search for bases like this as you are dropping and gain a whole ton of dark elixir.

Gold Pass helps to Upgrade Heroes Fast 

Two other little tips, if you're considering anything to purchase to help speed up your progress. The gold pass is 100% the best value, not just because of all of the perks you get which is value in itself but also the seasonal bank can give you 250,000 dark elixir each and every month extra that's an entire hero upgrade.

Season Bank Loot to Upgrade 1-2 Heroes 

Maybe even more than that depending on your level because you tend to get a book of heroes as well.

Builder Potion: Best for Low lvl Heroes Upgrade 

Now for the Clan War League medals, i did a whole separate post breaking down a rewards guide. 

How Pro's Use Clan War League Medals in Clash of Clans (2022)!

If you are a town hall 8 and below, for your heroes I would recommend the builder portion. Your king really doesn't take too long at that level. The dark elixir is not enough to warrant going to the hammers. Builder potion is the best benefit for town hall 9. And above always know you have the hammer of heroes. 

Hammer of Heroes: Best for High lvl Heroes Upgrade 

Now the hammer works differently to the book in that you don't have to spend the dark elixir and it will instantly upgrade the hero. It adds one level to your hero but also be cautious that sometimes the hammer of fighting might be the better option if you are struggling to get enough dark elixir to upgrade the heroes because the hammer of fighting doesn't cost as much medals and you can upgrade the dark elixir troops in the lab. You don't have to worry about using your dark elixir on the lab, just for heroes.

          So i hope you have enjoyed this one if you've any questions, comments down below! You guys have a good day and i will see you in the next one ;

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