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Tips For Every Troops in Clash Of Clans

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Let's give you some tips for every single Clash Of Clans troop that there is in Clash Of Clans. This post will act as a quick-fire guide, telling you the best methods and some tips that you might not have thought of.

Hey Clashers, Welcome back to TutorGaming. It's great to have you.

Let's start with the barbarian, move to the Archer then the Giants you get the idea. We will go through every single clash of clans troop and give you a tip for all of them. What are their strengths, their weaknesses, how should you use them and this is applicable for any Town Hall level so if that's the type of content you like to read then subscribe to our Newsletter and follow our Social media handles.


Let's get into the first troop starting off with the Barbarian. You want to use him as part of the barch strategy. You use the barbarians in order to tank because he has greater hit points followed by archers to shoot over the walls in order to get you the loot. How about higher Town Hall though, how could you use the Barbarian in war. Well because he is only a single housing space, if you want to lure clan castle troops as cheaply as possible you might actually be able to deploy the Barbarian inside its radius and pull them out because he has the greatest hit points for a single housing space.


Moving along to the archer. She is a ranged trip and whilst, you can use her as part of the box strategy we just mentioned, make sure you utilize the range to your benefit. You might be able to snipe buildings. All that means is that you are taking the building down without your archer being act danger. In this example, all of the archers are out of range of the defense's so they can take down the buildings to set up the funnel but in many cases this can be used to purely clean up buildings. But there is one other amazing benefit to this range as well pulling a lava hound, why exactly is that important. Well if you were to battle against an enemy lava hound in the middle of the base, you've got all the defenses firing at you as well maybe dragons lavaloon whatever you're attacking with. If you can deal with the lava hound after you've taken out the defenses then that's obviously a good thing so where does the archer come in. Well what you will do is deploy the archer at the other side of the base, again out of range and the lava hound will be drawn across to it. The archer only being one troop capacity and out ranging the defenses is the most efficient way to do this.


For the Giants you really just want to use them as high hit point troops. They have a lot of health so place them in to absorb the fire from the defense's, then you can use high damage troops such as wizards behind them. if you are a lower level, you might want to consider the Giant - Healer strategy. Big pack of Giants healed by the healers with the Wizards to support. Giants might be something you consider in your clan castle to defend with if you are a lower level because they have the higher hit points. 


We move on to the Goblin, very important for farming you might want to stick with the barch strategy which we have referenced or an alternative is to take mass goblins. This is if you want to speed farm. You can quickly place the goblins in onto the mines and pumps on the outside of the base. But a really good strategy to use as well is the Goblin knife particularly if you want to farm dark elixir. How this works is you carve out the base free of resource buildings until you can get direct access via a jump spell to the dark elixir storage. Make sure you are testing where the goblins will go you can see the icon marking around the dark elixir storage when you deploy goblins, means that the goblins are indeed attracted towards it so make sure you don't spam the troops in too quickly and miss once we do have that access you might want to use a rage spell to make sure the goblins take it down and as
added bonus remember the townhall being
a storage is vulnerable to goblins.

Wall Breaker

Other Wall Breakers, these are actually one of the most difficult troops to use in Clash Of Clans so if you can get the hang of them. It will really up your game, they do exactly what they say they do, they break walls now. The difficulty here is understanding that wall breakers are attracted to buildings not walls. This is your main tip for the wall breakers. If the building was not there, it would go to a different part of the wall so do that in mind when you are deploying your wall breakers. It's not quite as simple as that though as you do get further through the game. You will meet walls that require multiple wall breakers so you have to send a few of them in and you probably want to send one ahead of the pack. This is known as a test wall breaker, it tests for a small bomb on the outside of the base because that one little bomb could take out a huge amount of wall breakers. The way you can counteract it is sometimes with a rage spell but make sure the test wall breaker gets to the area you want and it also checks where the wall breaker will go. But again make sure you don't take down the building behind the wall ahead of time because your wall breakers will redirect the final point. If you're higher up make sure you're freezing multi-target infernos because they can take down wall breakers before they get to the wall.


The Balloon is an air troop, which will target defenses. A really good tip for you is to use this as part of a coconut loon method similar to the test wall breaker, you send one balloon in to try and find black bombs and protect your other troops in some case healers as part of a queen walk now that's because the healers are worth 14 housing space meanwhile the balloon is only worth 5. You could use this inference of any higher HP troop whether it be dragons or even a siege machine to help you out. The balloons are also pivotal in the lavaloon strategy, whilst I won't get into this method. In this way you send the lava hound in with all of the rest of the balloons around swarming the defenses. But I want you guys to remember that balloons attack faster on their first strike so make sure you send enough balloons to one-shot a defense. 


The wizard is a very vulnerable troop it doesn't have a lot of hit points but it packs a punch. You can use it to set up the funnel, if there are any free buildings to snipe or often as cleanup once your hog riders have taken out the ground defenses. That's because again they have really high amounts of damage to clean up the buildings fast. You can also use the wizard as we mentioned earlier behind a tank style troop whether that be Golems, Giants or ice golems. 


In order to take out the buildings around that extremely fast, the Healers are actually one of the most used troops in competitive play. They do exactly what they say they do, they heal your troops. Now we've already briefly mentioned the Queen walk which by the way I will make a post for so be sure to follow us to see that however my tip for the healers is that whenever you use the rage spell which you will end up doing in these hero walks, make sure that you use the rage to encompass both the healers and the hero. You want to try and get the rage spell so the healers are just inside it and they will move into it if you are doing a ground war and walk. Remember that the healers can often switch onto your main army which is good because they actually do a splash healing effect.


For the Dragons, I'm going to try and give you a couple of different tips because it's all about setting up the attack for the dragons. Because they are one of the main powerhouses and they will move into the base themselves. Use your heroes to funnel so make sure the right and the left of the base has been taken out. Whereby the Dragons will now just swoop through, wee know exactly where they are going to go. They will attack anything so that's why you generally deploy them in a line, where they can just all move through together. The point is the air defense have to be your priority so deploy the rage spell in such a way that powers the Dragons through all the defense's until the air defense. They are still ridged when they are taking it down but after the air defense is down that's the main threat so the rage spell can fizzle out a little bit. You want to use the rage to get the Dragons to the air defense as soon as possible and take it down as soon as possible that's partly to do
with your passing and setting the dragon attack. But also in terms of the rages and your spells effectively, if you do happen to use freeze spells which I would recommend. I would make sure to freeze other defenses around the air defense as well, so make sure you're trying to tag and export a Tesla, Archer tower or could be anything. The best value within that one spot don't just plonk the freeze on top of the air defense. Try and grab some other defenses to freeze around it as well. 


Whilst the Pekka can be used in a number of
strategies. I'll tell you that in a second, I would highly recommend that you always remember that the PEKKA can actually be a really good funneling troop because it can absorb damage from defenses, set the funnel for itself to then punch into the base such as with the ever-so-popular Pekka smash. Pekka themselves make funnel before they move into the base, if you do need help with funneling.

Baby Dragon

Baby dragon, nice and simple you want to try and utilize the enraged bonus if it is by itself, with no other air troops it does extra damage and funneling is one of the best methods now. You can send in a couple of balloons right after Baby Dragon sometimes because if you do have let's say an archer tower tanked you might actually be able to snipe that off, to protect the Baby dragon a little bit more. But the balloons are not necessarily always needed however the funnel is perfectly set with the baby dragon for the Archer Queen to walk around the other side of the base and do her thing.


The miners, because they move underground, try and use that to your benefit. You could shown Queen charged miners, the hybrid. They are a very powerful troop in terms of a mass attack and I would recommend using them but I wanted to give you the tip of using the miner to clean up. Just one miner after a hog rider attack. You might have buildings left in the center clan castle, storages build a hood, this could cause you to time fail. Now I would recommend if you're doing a mass hog rider if it's a war attack, you Scout the base. Do you need to send in one miner to the center afterwards in order to help clean up. If you are doing legend attacks for example where you don't get to see the base, this miner can be incredibly useful as well because what it can mean is that even if you don't need it in the middle you might be able to use it on the back end of the base to tank a wizard tower as the hog riders are coming through.

Electro Dragon

For the Electro dragons, it goes without saying try to utilize their chain value. Try to keep them away from air defense or single infernos but the main tip I want to give you is not to mess with your rage spell. Now I know that sounds a little bit strange but basically guys the E- Dragon is where the shadow is, so if we look at this one E - dragon it's quite a long troop it will not be enraged even though it looks like it is inside any spell. Look at the shadow it is outside of it and that is actually where the game calculates where the E- Dragon is so because it's a long troop it's easy to miss. Make sure that the spell is on top of their shadows and make sure you are freezing sweepers because that will push your E- Dragons back quicker than they can attack. 


There is the Yeti smash Popular attack strategy for the Yetis but I wanted to make sure that you guys were aware of the Yeti Blimp method. Just in case anyone wasn't, you send in a battle blimp to an area with yetis inside the base wher you can ridge it if you want and the idea is that the Yeti mites will jump out onto the defense's. You can also lure the clan castle so not only are you getting good value, you lured the CC and also take out an area of the base which means that the Queen would walk exactly where we want her to go.

Minion and Hog Rider

The minion and the hog rider are one after another in the troop selection menu which is how I've been going through this but I want to combine them both together in this post because the tips I want to give you for both troops are relevant to a queen walk or queen
charge. Now obviously you can do a mass
hog rider style attack, you can use minions to snipe off buildings even defenses if they're ground targeting such as the cannon, mortar maybe even the barbarian King. But just remember the hog rider is a defense targeting troop so you can use it similar to the test wall breaker. We mentioned to test an area for giant bombs, may be a skeleton trap but also to get deep into the base to lure
clan castle troops. Now this is really important if you are doing a queen walk or queen charge because you're not then dealing with the clan castle troops in the base itself. Now for the minion the tip I want to give is in relation to if there is a lava hound in the clan castle and it's to protect your healers so when the lava hound pops this is not always as relevant because you can't actually hit all of the lava pups in the poison because the radius has been decreased a little. Tip for that is actually to put the poison on top of your queen think
about it if your queen is shooting up at the lava hound they're going to pop around her so put the poison on top of the queen you should then hit most of them. However you can send in just one little support minion and their job is to take out the lava pups that are shooting at your healers because if your healers are to take any damage, it might be the difference breaker for if they hit a red bomb later.


I mentioned earlier about Yeti blimp method, right?  You can use a valkyrie with Yeti and reason for that is if there is a skeleton trap in the area, the Valkyrie can just take them all out because of its spin attack which can be really good. Now you can't use them to funnel but some people like to use the Valkyries in a mass format if they know they can get through that base easily. The Valkyries will wreck it but they are very difficult to path initially so my advice is if you plan to do that,  use a queen walk to one side of the base in order to set up the pathing and barbarian king to the other side. That means the Valkyries have nowhere else to go but into the base itself. You can use some wall breakers so they will move through and take out the walls incredibly fast they are just attracted to the buildings but they can still run, off course with the best will in the world. The Valkyries can move where you weren't quite expecting so be adaptable with your spell's. Rage and heal spells are best for Valkyries but make sure you're not too fixated on where you are going to use them. watch where the Valkyries run because sometimes they might go, where you don't want them to. 


Whilst the Golem is pretty popular at not just low town halls like 8/9 but also works great in higher Town halls like 13/14 with Witches. What you want to do for the Golem is use it to tank defenses. Initially that allows you to use wizards in order to create your funnel. I do that to the left and the right taking out all of the trash buildings so my main force can come through the center. Now the reason you use a golem over something else is because it has so many hit points. You even get the Golemites and what that means is you can use it to not just set the funnel but also use them throughout the base and they also protect your Heroes.


The witches can actually be pretty easy and  difficult to use at same time whilst you can use one or two of them to set up the funnel. You're probably going to use these in a mass format such as the witch slap attack strategy. My tip for you is to send a couple of giants or some golems in first, they will absorb the damage from the defences allowing your witches to spawn some skeletons and therefore protecting themselves. You're probably going to be attacking bases with single target infernos if you can but be mindful of splash damages wizard towers and bomb towers, you might have to freeze them so they don't wipe out a whole bunch of skeletons. 

Lava Hound

We've already mentioned that the lava hounds primary use is as part of the lavaloon strategy. There's not a lot to see, it's basically a flying golem which goes to the air defense. You can use this to supplement other strategy such as dragons so as long as there's not a single target Inferno tower to quickly take it out. However you can get creative as well, if the archer Queen is standing next to an air defense and you know that the lava hound is going to pop, you might be able to use a rage spell to make sure the lava pups take down the Archer Queen but obviously be careful of any splash
such as multi-target infernos. 


Remember when I explained that the archer could be used to snipe off a building, the Bowler is one of the best troops for doing this because you can use the bounce value. You can often take out defence mortars, defenses that are more commonly to the edge of the base but you always want to be looking for this because you can be surprised as to how many bases this is a
vulnerable aspect and how many areas you
can do it. The building you are trying to take down behind the one the bowler is shooting at, you have to make sure has less hit points all the same in order to take it out. If it has greater then it might survive, you might be able to snipe it off a little bit easier with another troop but make sure you are just checking the base guys. Not only does it set up the funnel, you can snipe a defense absolutely amazing value.

Ice Golem

Whilst the Ice golem can be used in attacks with witches that works really good. One of my favorite methods is with a Sui hero attack strategy. Because of freezing effect that the ice golem gives when it gets destroyed. Now if you are just sending a queen into an area not a queen walk, just a hero dive that is sending your heroes in just to get value and then they go down. The ice golem for 15 troop capacity does help to tank initially whilst also getting the freezing effect so it can be a huge benefit to some of the Sui hero or hero dive methods. Make sure you are considering it if you are planning on just sending your hero in, getting value and letting her go down.


Headhunter is nightmare for opponent hero. Headhunter temporarily slows down troops and heroes that are attacked. I mostly use 1-2 headhunter with hybrid attack strategy in Town Hall 12 and above. You can use with this with any strategy in which enemy heroes are big problem for you.

That's it for this Post guys. Comment down your tips, that you use in Farm, War or Trophy Push.

---Clash On!

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