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Easily Three-Star the Goblin King Challenge with this Step-by-Step Guide

Master the Goblin King Challenge in Clash of Clans with this step-by-step tutorial for a three-star victory and new hero skin. Learn now!
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Easily Three-Star the Goblin King Challenge with this Step-by-Step Guide

A master of mischief and a minister of the sinister- he's the Goblin King!
Are you ready to take on the Goblin King challenge and secure a three-star victory? Look no further! In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to easily conquer the Goblin King challenge. 

Watch our YouTube video for a better understanding with visuals👇


The Goblin King challenge involves strategically attacking a base designed by Sir Moose, aiming to achieve a perfect three-star victory. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can easily overcome the obstacles and emerge victorious in the Goblin King challenge. 

Step 1: Deploy Minions

Start with deploying your both minions in the gap near the ground X-bow.

Step 2: Deploy Barbarian King 

Now deploy your king to the first target X-bow then Scattershot then mortar and recall your king and deploy in another symmetric compartment.

Step 3: Destroy Town Hall 

After destroying major defences, Recall your Barbarian King and deploy in the Town Hall compartment. Use the king's ability when the Town Hall gets activated. Deploy 1 Jump spell on whichever side King tends to go after clearing the Town Hall compartment. 
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Step 4: Use the Lightening Spell 

Destroy 2 Elixir Collectors and 1 Hidden Tesla around Clan Castle with 1 Lightening Spell each.

Step 5: Deploy Goblin and Electro Titan 

Now deploy 2 Goblin near the Gem box at the top to target Gold collectors, make sure both goblins go in different paths. As soon as both Gold Collectors are destroyed, send the Electro Titans to destroy Clan Castle.

Step 6: Deploy the Last Jump Spell 

Use your last jump spell to help your Goblin clear out Elixir & Dark Storage.


Congratulations! You've successfully three-starred the Goblin King challenge using our expert strategy. We hope you enjoyed the challenge as much as we did. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don't hesitate to refine your technique and try new approaches. Keep an eye out for updates and new challenges to keep the excitement going.


What is the Goblin King challenge?

The Goblin King challenge is a strategic gameplay scenario where players aim to achieve a three-star victory by attacking a base designed by Sir Moose.

How can I overcome the Goblin King challenge?

To overcome the Goblin King challenge, follow these steps: Deploy both minions in the gap near the ground X-bow, deploy the Barbarian King to target specific defenses, destroy the Town Hall, use the Lightning Spell, deploy Goblins and Electro Titans, and utilize the last Jump spell to clear out remaining resources.

How can I achieve a three-star victory in the Goblin King challenge?

To achieve a three-star victory in the Goblin King challenge, follow the step-by-step strategy outlined in the tutorial. Properly deploy troops, use spells strategically, and focus on key defenses and objectives such as the Town Hall and resource collectors.

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