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Fix Your Game: Top Players' Protest in Clash of Clans

Discover the reasons behind the protest by top players, demanding fixes for game issues. Explore the impact and demands on gameplay and support.
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Fix Your Game: Top Players' Protest in Clash of Clans


The world's leading players are currently engaged in a protest against the prevalent issues in the game. Upon observing the top five players, it becomes evident that they all belong to the same Clan, aptly named "Fix Your Game." As we delve further down the leaderboard, we find a significant number of individuals associated with this Clan. Moreover, the top-ranked Clans in the world, including both the first and second spots, bear the name "Fix Your Game." In this article, I aim to shed light on the reasons behind this protest, outline the problems at hand, and propose potential solutions. This issue has persisted since the last season and continues to plague the gameplay experience.

The Discrepancy and Unfairness

The Discrepancy and Unfairness
One of the key concerns is the significant discrepancy between attacks and defenses. Many players, myself included, are facing this problem. Supercell, the game's developer, attempted to resolve the problem earlier in the season but inadvertently exacerbated it. The Clan description succinctly expresses the prevailing sentiment—this game is broken. While we endure a thousand defenses, others encounter none. Furthermore, we have experienced attacks from members of our own Clan, which is both unfair and ruins our overall gaming experience. This state of affairs is untenable, and we refuse to tolerate it any longer. We demand justice for Psychopath.

The Plight of Psychopath

The Plight of Psychopath
You may be curious about the identity of Psychopath. He is a top player who achieved an impressive 9,000 trophies this season, only to plummet to a mere 24 trophies. Currently, he sits at 111 trophies, but he continues to be relentlessly attacked to this day. Psychopath embarked on a series of around 50 attacks without receiving any defenses, which eventually caught up with him. However, the defenses never ceased. He began dropping in the rankings approximately six days ago and has since been attacked about a hundred times daily. To make matters worse, these attacks come from top players with over 9,000 trophies. Despite being at 111 trophies, he still faces the strongest opponents.
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Inadequate Support from Supercell

Inadequate Support from Supercell
Even if Psychopath were to invest roughly 10 hours pushing his way back up, earning a mere three trophies per match, he would inevitably be dropped back down to 24 trophies due to continued defenses. Psychopath sought assistance from Supercell support, but the responses he received were pre-written and irrelevant to his inquiries. The quality of the support provided is abysmal, and it appears that Supercell is deliberately ignoring his pleas for help. He submits evidence, asks for assistance, and receives responses that discuss matters unrelated to his concerns before abruptly ending the conversation. Despite six days of persistent requests for aid, he has made no progress. Unfortunately, Psychopath is not alone in experiencing these issues. He is merely one of many affected players, along with individuals like Mixed Taha (#898RPOLLP), FJB(#2L8GQL8R)  and all of whom have suffered significant drops in trophies.

The Severity of the Situation

Visual evidence further illustrates the severity of the situation. In one screenshot, Psychopath can be seen at 24 trophies, yet he continues to face attacks from players like Noah and Red Hunter, both boasting 9,000 trophies. Strangely, he no longer loses trophies for these attacks, but the consequences are inconsequential. Even if he manages to climb to around 100 trophies, he will once again face a drop. 
Similar screenshots showcase other players, such as Turkmen Oglou, who have experienced substantial trophy losses despite being attacked by significantly higher-ranked opponents. This unfair matchmaking and trophy system have caused immense frustration among players, leading to the widespread protest.

Demands for Change

The protest by the top players, under the banner of the "Fix Your Game" Clan, aims to draw attention to these issues and demand immediate action from Supercell. The players argue that the current state of the game not only undermines the integrity of the competition but also discourages active participation and fair gameplay.

In addition to the matchmaking problems, players have also raised concerns about the lack of response and support from Supercell. Many players, including Psychopath, have reached out to the game developer's support team for assistance but have received generic and unhelpful responses that fail to address their specific concerns. This lack of effective customer support has further fueled the frustration and disillusionment among the player base.

Proposed Solutions

To resolve these issues and restore balance to the game, the protesting players have put forth several suggestions. First and foremost, they urge Supercell to address the matchmaking algorithm and trophy system to ensure fair matchups and eliminate the extreme discrepancies in opponent strength. They argue that players should be matched based on their actual skill level and not just their trophy count.

Furthermore, the players demand an overhaul of the customer support system. They emphasize the need for timely and personalized responses to player inquiries, with support agents who are knowledgeable about the game's mechanics and can provide meaningful assistance. Players also advocate for a transparent communication channel between Supercell and the community, where updates on ongoing issues and planned fixes are regularly shared.

The Impact of the Protest

The "Fix Your Game" protest has gained significant attention within the gaming community, with players from various Clans expressing solidarity and sharing their own stories of frustration. The collective voice of the top players highlights the urgency of the situation and the need for Supercell to take immediate action to address the issues plaguing the game.


Supercell has yet to release an official statement in response to the protest. However, given the magnitude of the player dissatisfaction and the negative impact on the game's reputation, it is hoped that the developers will take the concerns seriously and work towards implementing effective solutions.

In conclusion, the protest by the top players in the "Fix Your Game" Clan sheds light on the significant issues affecting the gameplay experience in the game. From unfair matchmaking and trophy discrepancies to inadequate customer support, these problems have led to widespread frustration among players. The protest serves as a rallying cry for change and urges Supercell to take immediate action to address the issues raised by the player community. Only through prompt resolution and effective communication can the game regain its integrity and provide an enjoyable experience for all players involved.


What are the main issues causing the protest by top players?

The main issues causing the protest by top players include significant discrepancies between attacks and defenses, unfair matchmaking, and inadequate customer support.

Who is Psychopath, and why is his experience highlighted in the article?

Psychopath is a top player who faced a drastic drop in trophies despite being relentlessly attacked. His experience is highlighted to showcase the severity of the issues faced by players.

What are the demands of the protesting players to Supercell?

The protesting players demand Supercell to address matchmaking and trophy system issues, improve customer support, and establish transparent communication with the player community.

Why is the matchmaking system and trophy system under scrutiny?

The matchmaking system and trophy system are under scrutiny due to unfair matchups, extreme discrepancies in opponent strength, and the negative impact on the gameplay experience.

How has the lack of customer support affected players' frustration?

The lack of effective customer support has fueled players' frustration as they receive generic and unhelpful responses, failing to address their specific concerns and issues.

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