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How Pro's Use Clan War League Medals in Clash of Clans (2022)!

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With the Clan War League's closed, you want to know all about the league medals and what you should spend them on!

In this post I will break it all down, so at the end you know exactly What the best items are and How Pro players use it?

I'm your friend Saurabh from TutorGaming. It's great to have you.


In this one I want to break down the Clan War League medals.

How exactly they are distributed across leagues so you know how to get more of them but most importantly what exactly should you spend them on. This differs depending on your Town Hall level so I will explain all of it to you.

If some parts are not relevant to you or already know (High TH players) and wish to skip then feel free to use Table of Contents menu!

League Medals Distribution

The Clan War League medals are a special type of currency that you gain by participating in the Clan War Leagues, which obviously happens once per month.

I thought I would go over the distribution of medals first because it can sometimes be a confusing subject before we then go over, how to best spend the medals.

The Clan War League medals are given dependent on the league that your team is participating in and also the position that you finish within a set league that determines the maximum medals that you could receive as a player within your clan.

However it is a little bit individualized as well. Even if you are taken on the initial spin but you are not put on any of the rosters or you don't attack, you will gain 20% of the league medals.

So hypothetically if my clan were to finish third in Master one, that is a maximum of 370 medals meaning even if i did not attack, i would gain 74 medals for being taken into the Clan War Leagues. However this will increase by 10% for every star that you achieve for your team meaning if you gain 8 stars across the course of the week, you will gain 100% of the medals based on where your clan positions within the league and the really cool thing is distribution of medals across the leagues is proportionate to the league and position.

We all know that there can be mismatches because there's no algorithm. You are purely matched with your league but if we take a look at the first and eighth position of each league there is only a very slight difference and if we take a closer look if a clan was in masters 3 in 7th place 274 being the maximum medals and 8th place 268. If that clan were to purposely drop to crystal one, they would have to place first or second to get the same amount of medals and this is exactly the same as you move down through the leagues. A very slight overlap in terms of first and second and seventh and eighth so there really isn't a benefit to dropping leagues, you don't get the same rewards. It is proportionate as you move through.

League Medal Bonus

You can also earn more medals through a bonus at the end of the week. This is determined by the Leader or a Co-leader to who is deserving in the team. Now this is dependent on the league you are competing in as well.

In terms of how many bonuses the leaders could give out and how many medals that bonus is worth. For each war that your clan wins, they will be eligible to give one extra player a bonus but this does not increase the amount of medals per bonus. So much like the base rewards, the best thing to do is push up the leagues to get more medals.

League Shop Introduced

Now getting to the league shop, What exactly should you spend your league medals on!

Now this will be dependent on your Town Hall level and progression through the game. So what I thought, I would do is literally go through the different items and tell you whether you should or should not purchase it at any given area of the game and by the end you will know exactly the items that you should be purchasing for your Town Hall level.

Loot with Medals

Starting out with the loot, 2.5 million gold or 2.5 million elixir. Should you purchase this?

In 99.9 percent of situations - no. This is the worst value per league medal.

One league medal is 100000 gold or elixir. it is so easy to go and farm that it really isn't worth it. The only time you may consider this is if you are an extremely passive player and you are saving up for an expensive upgrade, you would use the loot for the final part of that upgrade, not earlier on. Because obviously you are subject to lose that on defense so that is the only situation where you might consider it.

Medal Management and Efficiency

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I do want to let you know that you can hold 2500 league medals and magic items.

We did a whole separate post explaining them recently, you can check it out here:

They become better in value, the higher up in Town Hall levels you go.  That is why the advice i'm going to be giving you will differ on which items you should purchase depending on your level and base progression.

For that reason you should save onto your league medals, if you want the absolute best value unless you get to a situation where the amount you would gain from the Clan War Leagues, you couldn't hold because you would cap out at 2500.

So you can work out, roughly how many you make each month and just make sure that you have more than enough to gain all of the medals and just hover around that region because you will always get better value the higher up you go.

Training Potion

But if you can't resist temptation, let's go through the best items. The training potion is one of the most versatile and best magic items out there. For 10 league medals, it can yield way better results than the 25 for the loot alone. Because within that hour you can more than likely farm more than the loot and possibly of both resources so it's better value than the loot.

However because you can get the training portion from so many other methods. I probably still wouldn't recommend it. There are better options, however if you are going to be farming
very actively. You are close to the expensive upgrade, you don't have any training portions and you don't want to spend the gems to boost your army camps, heroes, spell factory. You would be better off spending the 10 league medals for the training portion rather than the loot itself.

It's not my thing however if you did want to convert your league medals into gems, the training portion is the best way to do that. It's 10 league medals and you also get 10 gems for selling it back so that is how you could sell any league medal per gem.

Definitely not recommended for best value but if you are wanting to do that, it might be that every month you can actually convert a couple of dollars worth of gems.

Resource Potion

Also related to farming is the Resource Potion. I actually have the maximum amount that's why it's grayed out but it allows you to boost up your

collectors. The training potion is definitely better value allowing you to actively farm, however if you don't like the grind of the game and you just want to purchase the resources.

The resource potion is still better value than the loot itself depending on how many collectors
you have and what level they are. If you have all of the collectors and they are maxed. You will roughly get 1 million gold, 1 million elixir and 10000 dark elixir per resource potion.

Now the resource potion being 10 CWL medals means you would have to use 2.5 of them to equal the 25 for the loot and that means that you would get 2.5 million gold, 2.5 million elixir so it's twice the value plus you get the dark elixir as well. But that does mean you have to get online to collect your collectors before someone raids you so it starts getting complicated.

It's not recommended but it's better value than the loot alone.

Below TH8 Suggested - Research Potion

Now we get to the items that are actually worth purchasing. First up we have the research portion. This allows you to boost anything within your laboratory for 24 hours meaning that for 20 league medals, you save an entire day off the upgrade.

Now for Town Hall 8 and below, my recommended items are going to be the research potion and the builder potion depending on what you are upgrading but I will go into this in a bit more depth. However for the higher levels as you will, find out the hammers are the better option but it's definitely not as good value at lower level. For the reasons I discussed before in terms of magic items being better higher up and saving onto your league medals.

Moving back to the research potion though it can be something that you have to make a comparison depending on what you're upgrading but let's give you the explanation. So
20 league medals for the research potion allows you to save an entire day off the laboratory.

Now if we compare that to the hammers which are better higher up, the hammer of spells is 120 as is the hammer of fighting. That is six days worth of upgrades. So anything larger than six days, you are better to just use the hammers.

However at Town Hall 8 and below, a lot of the upgrades are way less than six days which means if the resource is not that much of a deal which as we mentioned, you can easily farm the resources. Then you are better off to use the research potion.

I would say anything that is five days or less, just by multiple research potions. Because it will save you league medals in the long run than using the hammers. But you do have to make a little bit of a comparison as to where you are at in terms of your loot and the upgrade itself as to whether the hammer or the research is better.

But Lower level Research tends to be better, Higher level Hammers tend to be better.

Below TH8 Suggested - Builder Potion

I sold a builder portion in order to compare this better for you. By the way it was only 10 gems so the same as the training potion hence why the training potion is better if you want to convert to gems however the builder potion is 30 league medals.

Now the builder portion can actually be better for you lower level than the research potion depending on how many builders you have working because the builder portion works for five builders. If you have six builders in your higher level, the hammer is going to be the better option.

However with the builder potion, it is only 10 times the speed unlike the research potion which is 24 so you would have to use 2.4 builder potions to get the same time increase as the research potion. However the difference, the builder portion works on all builders so for 30 league medals that could work on five builders and you could convert that to 50 times the speed. When you compare that to the research portion which is 24 times the speed for 20 league medals you could see how the builder potion would be better value. However it definitely depends on how many builders you have working. If you don't have all of your builders working, it's not as good value.

Also to consider is once a defense has upgraded, it is active for every single defense whereas depending on what you upgrade in the laboratory you might not use that upgrade every single attack. So it can come down to a little bit of decision making on where you feel you need to upgrade the most given your progression in the game. But for lower level the research and the builder potions are going to be your best value.

Wall Ring

Now we've already mentioned that for higher level, the hammers are the better option but there is some comparison. Some are better than others.

Let's first discuss the wall ring.

The wall ring gives you the equivalent of one million gold or elixir for a wall upgrade per ring but it rounds up over. So even if a wall was 1 000 a level 1 wall, it would still cost you one million worth of loot in that of one wall ring, so you're not really going to use it.

Lower level the better options are the potions and higher level the hammers are the better option.

So where exactly does the wall ring come in, When should you use it?

There is a situation where you might purchase the wall rings. If you were just going to plow loot into walls it would be your best conversion 50 league medals would give you the equivalent of 10 million gold or elixir whereas 50 via purchasing the loot would only give you 5. However i still wouldn't recommend it other than in one situation.

It is very specific but if your base was fully maxed other than walls because they tend to be the final thing you upgrade and there were two other things in place. Number one the hammers were all purchased, there is a storage limit of one with a seven day cool down, so you want to purchase them all. Ready for when the next update drops also if your capacity of league medals was about to be full that is you were about to cap off at 2500 and you had to spend some.

Then the wall rings are the best value to convert into your walls but you would only spend enough to collect the new league medals to keep yourself close to max so that when the next update were to drop, you could then purchase some more hammers.

Above TH8 Suggested - Hammers

Now we move to the best value for your league medals the hammers.

By the way there are statues here, you can purchase as well. They offer zero value in terms of your progression. If you do want to show off a bit with the statue, absolutely i'm not saying don't purchase it but in terms of value. It is definitely not going to offer you anything.

The hammers though these are very special to the Clan War Leagues in my magic items post i did mention, you can get them from a couple of other methods. The other methods are if they are ever offered in the in-game events or sometimes from purchasable packs. However the hammers are special to the Clan War Leagues because they offer the best value.

You have the hammer of fighting, building and spells which are all 120 medals and the hammer of heroes which is 165 despite its higher cost, it is arguably the best value.

Let's start with the least valuable though the hammer of building. It costs the same amount as the hammer of fighting and the hammer of spells but because it is your builders that are directly related to this and you have up to six builders. It's often not the same value as the research the laboratory because often you get that bottleneck because you only have one lab. Therefore the hammer of fighting and spells are often better.

The other reason for that is that often you will use the hammer of fighting or spells for dark elixir and dark elixir is a much more valuable resource. You will use it to grind your hero levels at higher Town Hall levels and it's more difficult to farm so i always use and recommend the hammer of spells and fighting for the dark elixir based upgrades.

I often find in the lab that at higher level, it takes longer to upgrade than many of the buildings anyway. Hence giving you better value than the
hammer of building but it does come back to a lot of what we discussed for the lower town hall
levels. In that it can be a bit of decision making to see what is most valuable to you at any given moment in your progression.

Best Item - Hammer of Heroes

Finally we come to my favorite item to purchase in the league shop the hammer of heroes. You can let me know your favorite item down in the comments. But the hammer of heroes is the best value for me even though it has a higher price tag of 165 league medals.

Now the reason for that is a little bit to what we discussed on the lab upgrades versus the building upgrades. In that the heroes are just so valuable whether you are farming, whether you're doing war attacks. You always want to try and have your heroes active as much as possible. Because it will help you to gain more loot in farming, it will help you with success of war attacks.

So for that reason the extra league medals are often worth it. Now it does come back down to the hammer will always be better value the higher up you go, so for example: if i were to spend 165 medals on an archer queen that is level 50 versus an archer queen that is level 60, it still costs the same amount of league medals but i'm getting more value for the higher upgrade because it costs more and i think it's always a weak at that point.

You get the idea in relation to the hammers, they will always be better value the higher you go. But once you pass the point where by the research potion and the builder potion will cost you more to purchase and boost more of them for the upgrade then the hammers are your absolute best value and you should always prioritise them, but it does come down a little bit to your situation.

But my vote would go to the hammer of heroes.

That is my ultimate guide for your clan war league medals and how you should spend them.

I hope you've enjoyed this one, share any other comments down below and i will see you in the next post, until then take care guys 👍

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