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TH9 Powerfull GoHo War attack strategy 2022

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TH9 GoHo War attack strategy

Hey, Clashers !

Welcome to TutorGaming, It's great to have you. we are here to talk about some best war attack Strategy for TH9 and GoHo is one of them. 

Let's get into it!


2 golems + 3 wbs + 8 wizards + 26 hogs + 1 jump + 3 heal + 1 poison + hogs (CC) + poison (CC).

The wbs, the jump and the number of wizards depend on the base:

- If you can access the Queen + CC troops with just the jump, you don't need wbs and you can bring extra wizards or hogs.

- - If you can access the Queen + CC troops with just the wbs, you don't need the jump. Bring a 4th heal.

- If you need more wizards for funneling, bring less hogs.

- - Avoid bowlers in CC. If you ain't experienced enough, they might be useless if lost too soon.


- Few main troops (hogs).

- - Doesn't require high champions.

- Hogs are used in every TH (useful attack to learn).


- High risk attack (often results in 1 or 3 stars).

- - Hard to learn.

- Needs adapting during the attack.

When to choose it:

- Versus bases with many compartments.

When to avoid it:

- Versus bases with many possible DGB spots.


  •  Place your Killsquad (golems + wbs + wizards + heroes + jump + CC poison) somewhere where you can have access to BOTH the AQ and the CC troops. If you won't be able to destroy both before you drop the hogs, the attack will probably fail. You don't need a pull (draw + kill the cc troops). A draw might be needed some times when the CC is on the other side of the enemy AQ, but usually it doesn't.
  • Let your KS go as deep into the core as possible. Before it dies out, you need to drop the hogs so that the defences won't target them. The best way to drop them is usually close to your AQ and following her direction. For example if you see your AQ moving clockwise, drop the hogs clockwise as well. They will destroy the defences that might target her and you will still have her in the end to help you with the clean up.
  • Keep the heals only for hogs. They are wasted anywhere else, heroes, golems, wizards. Use them to keep the hogs alive, they are your main troop. Good time to drop a heal is when you a DGB pop and near an AOE farm (a combination of Wizard and Bomb Towers). Don't be hasty with them, hogs at max level are pretty tanky. Keep the weaker poison (yours) to use it on skeleton traps.
  • Always keep some wizards to help you clean up. Keep an eye for huts in the corners.

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