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Secret to Get 6 Builders Fast in Clash Of Clans!

Basically it is rushing the builder base and only using the gold to place the buildings and upgrade the mega tesla Remember that the builder base does
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How to Get 6 Builders in Clash Of Clan

How do you get 6 builders in clash of clans?

This is a question that i get asked time and time again.

So in this post i will explain all of it.All of the tips and tricks that you need to know to get that sixth builder as quickly as possible and at the end of the post i will show you screenshots of my builder base where I was unlocking it myself.

O.T.T.O Completed!

Hey, Clashers !

Welcome to TutorGaming, It's great to have you. 

The first five builders are in relation to the home village, you unlock the sixth builder through the builder base and i will be thoroughly explaining what you need to do to unlock that sixth builder for free.

However it's important that you know, you only start out with two builders in the home village. You actually unlock the third for 500 gems, the fourth for 1 000 gems and the fifth for 2 000 gems. Now don't worry you free-to-play players, i will be getting back to you but obviously the quickest way to unlock the builders is by purchasing gems. And there's actually a builder pack that you can purchase to get one of them given in the pack and it's obviously a little bit cheaper. 

League All-Star Achievement

But what about if you are a free-to-play player. Well the main way that you will unlock gems because it still is going to be the same amount of gems, it's not that you can get the builders any other way. It's just that you can actually get gems from different ways within the game now the two main ways to do that is by removing obstacles whether that be regular obstacles or whether that be gem mines. You actually have obstacles in the builder base as well guys, do not forget that and also completing the challenges from your profile page so as you move down you can see there's a bunch of challenges and there is a gem reward next to them as well. Now many of these you will actually get 1000-2000 gems in certain situations.

So actually you can unlock the builders a little bit quicker than you might think. The main one thing that i would recommend is getting to champions league that is 2 000 gems. When you get to champions league and it's not as difficult as you might think once you get to town hall seven and eight. I'm pretty sure you could get there as long as you put a little bit of time in, so you can get that fifth builder relatively easily but do just take a look down the profile and see which ones you haven't completed, You will gradually complete them over time. 

Achievements to Complete
However let's move to the builder base, so we can tell you exactly how to get the sixth builder now. i'm sure that most of you know that within the builder base, there is only one builder the Master builder and that is who will become your sixth builder. But how exactly do we make him the sixth builder!
Builder Base 9
Well you do have to be a builder hall level 9 in order to do this. Now if you do want to go ahead and play the builder base to enjoy it absolutely do so but if you just want the sixth builder as fast as possible then rush to build builder hall 9. Now you do have to build all of the buildings but you can just leave them as level 1. All you need to do is put them on the map in order to then upgrade to the next builder hall and when you get to level 9. You can unlock the O.T.T.O. hut.
O.T.T.O Hut
So the O.T.T.O. hut is what we will be upgrading to get you your sixth builder. Now i do want to give you my advice for every individual level of the O.T.T.O. hut. You have to complete certain challenges and i want to make sure that you know, how to complete them as fast as possible and one of the best ways to do that is ensuring you have a good builder base attack strategy. So i'll go through the individual levels and teach you what you need to do. I'll show you my builder base attack strategy.

When you first build the O.T.T.O. hut, you will have level 1. in order to upgrade to level two, you have to gear up every gear up defense in the home village that is the canon, archer tower and the mortar. I'll go into this in a bit more depth but i want to make sure that you are away, you don't have to do these in any order. You could actually complete the fourth task first if you wish then complete the third one. You just can't upgrade to level 2 until you've done the first one but actually it really doesn't matter guys, you can't get the sixth builder until you've completed all four tasks, so just do them in any order that you can and upgrade them all at the end.
Gear Up Cannon, Archer tower & Mortar
In terms of the three geared up defenses, these are actually in your home village so you don't have to worry about resources in the builder base. You actually use gold in order to upgrade them and you don't have to worry about a builder either because it is the master builder that travels across to gear these up but you do have to have your builder free within the builder base.
Gear Up 3 Defences
Now the three defenses are the canon, archer tower and the mortar, the downside is that the mortar has to be level 8 so this does require you to be town hall10. Which means unfortunately if you are not a town hall 10, you will not be able to get the sixth builder but i would highly recommend rushing and doing everything we're talking about in this post, so you can start to complete the tasks and as soon as you get to town hall 10. You can gear up the mortar, potentially get your sixth builder straight away so that is task number one completed. Nice and easy!
Canon Carts LvL 18
Task number two is to upgrade your canon carts to level 18 which is the maximum level so this is where i am seeing that you will require some builder-based strategies and i will show you my favorite and in my opinion
the best strategy. In a moment one point i would like to make at this stage is that you should just focus all of your resources onto the tasks. 
Mega Tesla LvL 9
You could just upgrade the cannon carts and ignore everything else. The difficulty is that you also need a lot of elixir for your battle machine, which we will get to in a moment however the third task is that of the mega tesla and getting it to the maximum level of level 9. So this is where the builder hall gold will come into play. Now remember as you are upgrading you do have to build all of the different buildings before you can upgrade to the next builder hall level so you will be requiring gold for that but it is assuring you get your mega tesla to level 9.
Basically it is rushing the builder base and only using the gold to place the buildings and upgrade the mega tesla Remember that the builder base does not have a penalty for loot. You are not going to lose any of your resources so you can literally just sit and stockpile it until you get enough for your upgrade.
Battle Machine LvL 30
Just make sure to jump on every day to get your couple of attacks, in order to get your loot and also look in the events tab. Sometimes there are easy events where you get a rune of builder gold, absolutely do that.

Now I'll show you my builder base attack strategy, So what i will do is look for the easiest area to break in towards the town hall to secure 2 Star. it's not necessarily easy.

You should first clear few extra buildings from sides, so that you should be able to get percentage for but you would save some barbarians for the back end of the base as well.

So i like to put a line of barbarians followed by a line of giants, a line of bombers and then a line of cannon carts behind that and i will get a good spread of that with then the battle machine coming through the center.

Now you can save onto the barbarians and try and just use them to take buildings on the outside to help with percentage. Just make sure once you've deployed them, you keep an eye on your battle machine.

That's the only thing you can do to change the attack.Press his ability and once you've done, that it should be a relatively comfortable strategy. You should always get a decent percentage most of the time. I go for the two star and it sometimes does result in the three.

You're basically protecting your cannon carts and then they are going to be responsible for finishing off the base. The other thing about the builder base is that, the attack time is the same as the regular base in that of three minutes and the really the reason for that is to try and allow the builder base to be a bit more skillful but you don't tend to need that time. 

This is a very quick attack strategy results in the three star and i would highly recommend you use this all of the time to just rush farm the builder base. That's all you need to do, in order to get that sixth builder. The most difficult task of the sixth builder and the O.T.T.O. hut journey.

Honestly guys this is a bit of a grind so it will take some time.

Hopefully my tips and tricks have helped in order to speed that process up. 
Battle Machine (level 30)
My friends battle machine to level 30 and as we move across, we can now go ahead and unlock the O.T.T.O hut upgrades right of the way through and this is where i was saying,
yes you have to get up to level four but it really doesn't matter i had left my O.T.T.O hut at level one because actually you can upgrade right of the way through.

We wanted that six builder and as you can see at the top of the screen, we now have two builders at the builder base and this is where it's actually pretty cool. Because you can leave two builders in the builder base or you can send one of them across to the home village to make the sixth builder. Or you can just mix and match which is what most people will tend to do. 

I personally on this account have just unlocked the sixth builder to get it in the home village. I will never use it in the builder base.

So what you need to do is build the sixth builder hut in the home village.

If you press the travel button, it does say that the master builders hut needs to be built in the home village. 

So let's jump across there first and as you can see you have unplaced buildings.
Place 6th Builder in Home Village
So you can place that straight away anywhere in the map and there we go. 

Once the master builder is built in the home village, you can jump back across to the builder base. Because that is where your master builder currently is now.
We can press the travel button ready to travel. Do you want to send the master builder to the home village for now ?
Of course i

O.T.T.O Bot
Do it leaves O.T.T.O. bot in the builder base by itself.

Now we have a builder free and six builders in the home village.

So i hope this one has helped you guys out, giving you some tips on how to get that sixth builder as fast as possible.

We upgraded, but honestly it does not cost you anything. It is instant, once you've completed the task. Just press upgrade and it will move on through but i hope you have enjoyed.

--- It's easy, it's fun !

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