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Best TH9 GoLaLoon War attack Strategy 2021

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TH9 GoLaLoon

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        GoLaLoon is one of the best strategy in not just TH9 while it's used by higher TH players. Key of this strategy is timing, The name of this attack strategy comes from the 3 main troops which form this trio, the Golem, the Lava Hound and the Balloon. 


2 golems + 3 wbs + 6 wizards + 2 hounds + 14 loons + 1 jump + 1 rage + 1 heal + 3 haste + bowlers (CC) + 1 poison (CC).

If you don't need wallbreakers and you can get access to the core with just the jump, you can take 1 extra loon instead.


- Very strong attack.


- Very hard to learn (probably the hardest).
- - Needs high heroes.
- Needs many max troops (golems, wbs, hounds, loons and spells).
- - Needs a lot of adapting during the attack.
- If the KillSquad fails, the attack fails as well.

When to choose it:
- Versus bases when u can take out 2 ADs, the AQ and the enemy CC troops with your KS.

When to avoid it:
- Versus bases when u can't take out 2 ADs, the AQ and the enemy CC troops with your KS.


  • The attack consists of 2 parts, the ground (KS) and the air.
  • The troops/spells for the 1st part (Killsquad) are the following:
- 2 golems
- - 4 wizards
- 3 wbs
- - Heroes
- Bowlers (CC)
- - Jump, rage, heal, poison (CC).
  • The troops/spells for the 2nd part (air) are the following:
- 2 hounds
- - 14 loons
- 3 haste
- - 2 wizards.
  • The air part must begin only after the killsquad succeeds all its goals.
  •  The KillSquad (KS) must be dropped on a side or a corner, that gives access to the AQ, the enemy CC troops and at least 2 ADs. If not all of these are down the air part will probably fail.
  • Drop the 2 golems first, 4 wizards behind to make a funnel. When every outer building is down in the area, drop the wbs between the golems and behind the bowlers and heroes. Drop the jump to gain access to the 2 ADs and keep the KS alive with the heal and empower them with the rage. Don't forget to use the poison on the enemy CC troops too.
  • Only when those 3 goals (CC troops, AQ and 2 ADs) are achieved, proceed to the air part. Probably it will be deployed on the opposite site. Drop 1 hound on each AD left. Drop it straight towards it. Behind the hounds drop the loons in pairs (7 pairs) on the defences. One pair per defensive building. When the loons come close on the ADs use the hastes to make them go fast to them.
  • Use the 2 wizards left for clearing up. If all goes well, both hounds will pop (you want this) and the pups will help clearing as well.

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