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Apprentice Warden: New Dark Elixir Troop Explained (2023 Update)

Discover the Apprentice Warden, a powerful new Dark Elixir Troop in Clash of Clans. Learn about its abilities, advantages, and strategies in update.
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Apprentice Warden: New Dark Elixir Troop Explained (2023 Update)
Apprentice Warden

 Apprentice Warden is a new Dark Elixir Troop who’s available at Town Hall 13 when you upgrade your Dark Barracks to level 10.


As a student of the arcane who hopes to one day become a Grand Warden of his own Village, this young magister-in-the-making is a ground unit who shoots ranged attacks with his magical slingshot. While this knowledgeable neophyte has mastered many of Grand Wardens magical ministrations, he hasn’t quite learned how to fly like his scholastic sensei. Apprentice Warden does not have an Air Mode, but he can manage short bursts of elevation by being able to jump over and bypass Walls.

And as admirable as this wee Warden has been in his academics, this Apprentice has yet to learn the Eternal Tome ability. However, Apprentice Warden has a magical Life Aura that buffs the hit points of the ground troops around him. This aura does not stack with Grand Warden or other Apprentice Wardens. When multiple auras overlap, the strongest aura will always take priority.
Apprentice Warden
  • Favorite target: Any

  • Damage type: Ranged

  • Targets: Single Target

  • Housing space: 20

  • Movement speed: 20

  • Training time: 3M 56S

  • Aura radius: 7 Tiles

TH LevelLevelDPSAura HP IncreaseHPUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
13218526%16509d180K DE
14320028%180016d 18h315K DE
15421530%195017d 12h340K DE
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Unlocking the Apprentice Warden

To obtain the Apprentice Warden, you'll need to invest 13 million Elixir and endure a 13-day upgrade period without any gold pass perks. However, for those seeking a quicker acquisition, utilizing a book of building is recommended, as it cuts down the training time for troops during the upgrade. Notably, you can donate the Apprentice Warden to players at Town Hall 11 and above, but unlocking it yourself at Town Hall 13 allows for further upgrades in the laboratory.

Advantages and Comparisons

Before delving into the Apprentice Warden's advantages, it's worth mentioning the new War Arena scenery, where troops cheer you on during attacks. This scenic addition, accessible through clan war League medals, complements the league hero skins, including the Titan Barbarian King, Champion Archer Queen, Crystal Grand Warden, and Master Royal Champion. However, it's worth noting that scrolling through all the skins can be cumbersome, and the introduction of a filtering system could greatly enhance user experience.

Now let's explore the stats of the Apprentice Warden. With a damage per second of 215 and a 30% increase in Aura HP compared to the regular Warden, this new troop boasts impressive capabilities. While the regular Warden's maximum HP caps at 575, the Apprentice Warden has no such limit. To put it into perspective, the max level Barbarian King has 3825 hit points, significantly surpassed by the Apprentice Warden. It's important to note that the Apprentice Warden's Aura doesn't stack, meaning that no matter how many Apprentice Wardens you deploy, the HP boost remains at a consistent 30%.

Unlike the Grand Warden, the Apprentice Warden is exclusively a ground troop, rendering it ineffective against air defenses. Consequently, using it alongside air-based strategies, such as dragons, is not recommended. However, this limitation opens up alternative strategies where the Grand Warden isn't present. Notably, the Apprentice Warden's Aura enhances the hit points of defending Clan Castle troops and defending heroes, making it particularly useful on defense. Combining it with a tank-style Clan Castle composition, such as the Golem, can significantly slow down your opponent's progress. Additionally, the Golemites benefit from the HP boost, further amplifying their defensive capabilities.

Attacking Strategies

When it comes to offensive maneuvers, the Apprentice Warden can serve different purposes depending on the situation. For instance, during a queen charge, the Archer Queen's HP increase isn't the only advantage. The healing troops accompanying the queen, such as healers, also benefit from the HP buff. This extra resilience might grant you an additional second to react with a well-timed spell, protecting your Archer Queen ability from premature activation. However, be cautious when charging towards the monolith, as the increased HP would also amplify the monolith's damage output, creating a potential trade-off.

Another attacking scenario where the Apprentice Warden shines is inside the Battle Blimp. When employing Blizzard Super Wizards, landing on top of a bomb Tower is usually a risky endeavor due to their low hit points. However, with the Apprentice Warden inside the blimp, the Super Wizards can survive the bomb Tower explosion, allowing for more precise placement and greater effectiveness. In contrast, when using the Super Archer Blimp, it remains preferable to prioritize the housing space for additional Super Archers or Super Wizards, maximizing their potential damage output.

Balance Changes

Balance Changes June 2023
Balance Changes

In addition to the introduction of the Apprentice Warden, the latest Clash of Clans update also brings some notable balance changes and game-changers. One significant adjustment is the disabling of personal breaks, which can have a considerable impact on gameplay dynamics and strategies.
  • Level 9 Miner HP: 1200 -> 1250

  • Level 9 Super Miner HP: 3200 -> 3500

  • Removed randomness from attack position selection of Mountain Golem and Flying Fortress in Clan Capital.

  • Eagle Artillery will be less likely to target Healers.

  • Grand Warden will be less likely to follow Barbarians & Archers.

  • Troops will deploy from Siege Machines faster than before if there are many Troops embarked in the Siege Machine.

  • Reload time for Rage Spell Tower is increased by +20s

  • Rage Tower damage buff is reduced from 100% to 90%

  • Reload time for other Spell Towers (Poison & Invisibility) is increased by +10s


The addition of the Apprentice Warden to Clash of Clans offers exciting new possibilities for both defense and offense. Its unique capabilities, such as the HP boost and strategic advantages, make it a valuable asset in specific scenarios. However, the limited housing space of 20 must also be considered when devising troop compositions. As the update releases, it will be interesting to observe how players utilize this troop and discover new innovative strategies. Feel free to share your thoughts and additional use cases in the comments section. Finally, stay tuned for the upcoming update, which includes balance changes, game-changers, and the disabling of personal breaks.


How can I unlock the Apprentice Warden in Clash of Clans?

To unlock the Apprentice Warden, you need to upgrade your Dark Barracks to level 10 at Town Hall 13. It requires an investment of 13 million Elixir and a 13-day upgrade period without any gold pass perks.

What are the advantages of using the Apprentice Warden compared to the regular Warden?

The Apprentice Warden has a higher damage per second (DPS) of 215 and a 30% increase in Aura HP compared to the regular Warden. Additionally, the Apprentice Warden doesn't have a maximum HP limit, unlike the regular Warden.

Can the Apprentice Warden fly like the Grand Warden?

No, the Apprentice Warden is exclusively a ground troop and cannot fly like the Grand Warden.

How does the Apprentice Warden's Life Aura work?

The Apprentice Warden has a magical Life Aura that buffs the hit points of the ground troops around him. However, the aura does not stack with the Grand Warden or other Apprentice Wardens. When multiple auras overlap, the strongest aura takes priority.

Can I use the Apprentice Warden in air-based attack strategies?

No, the Apprentice Warden is not recommended for air-based attack strategies as it is exclusively a ground troop and is ineffective against air defenses.

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