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Explained New Super Hog Rider Troop in Clash of Clans (2023 Update)

Unleash the power of the Super Hog Rider in Clash of Clans! Learn about its splitting ability, stats, and strategic advantages in battles.
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Explained New Super Hog Rider Troop in Clash of Clans
New Super Hog Rider Troop

Welcome, Clashers! If you're eager to discover the latest addition to the world of Clash of Clans, get ready to meet the fearsome Super Hog Rider. In this article, we'll delve into the exciting details surrounding this new troop, its unique abilities, and its impact on your strategies. From unlocking to deployment tactics, we've got you covered. So, let's dive in and explore the power of the Super Hog Rider!


Super Hog Rider introduction
Super Hog Rider info
Clash of Clans has always been known for its diverse range of troops, and the Super Hog Rider is here to shake things up. As the 16th Super troop to join the ranks, the Super Hog Rider brings a whole new level of power and versatility to your army. Building upon the strength of its regular counterpart, this upgraded version possesses a special ability that sets it apart from the rest. But how do you unlock this formidable troop, and what can you expect from its performance on the battlefield? Let's find out!

The Super Hog Rider: An Overview

Super Rider info
Supe Rider info 

The Super Hog Rider is a force to be reckoned with. Just like the regular Hog Rider, it excels at demolishing defenses, jumping over walls, and wreaking havoc on enemy villages. However, what makes the Super Hog Rider truly exceptional is its unique ability called "Divide and Conquer." When defeated, the Super Hog Rider splits into two separate troops: the Hog and the Rider. This splitting not only catches your opponents off guard but also opens up new strategic possibilities for your attacks.

Unlocking the Super Hog Rider

Dark Barracks lvl 10

To unleash the power of the Super Hog Rider, you'll need to meet certain requirements. This Super troop becomes available once you've upgraded your Dark Barracks to the required level and have Hog Riders at Level 10 or above. Once you fulfill these prerequisites, you can boost the Super Hog Rider using the Super Potion, enabling you to deploy it in your battles.

The Unique Ability: Divide and Conquer

Super Hog info

The Divide and Conquer ability of the Super Hog Rider is a game-changer. When it splits upon defeat, the Hog and the Rider each have their own distinct capabilities. The Hog, moving swiftly and independently, deals significant damage per second while boasting impressive hit points. On the other hand, the Rider, though slower, packs a punch with its high damage per second and specializes in cleaning up remaining structures. The synergy between these two separate troops allows for more strategic flexibility and enhanced raid efficiency.

Enhanced Stats of the Super Hog Rider

Super Hog Rider stats
Super Hog Rider stats 

The Super Hog Rider brings enhanced stats to the battlefield, making it even deadlier than its regular counterpart. At maximum level, the Super Hog Rider boasts an impressive 230 damage per second, providing a considerable boost compared to the regular Hog Rider. Additionally, it has increased hit points, totaling 1,000, ensuring its survival during intense battles. These improved stats make the Super Hog Rider a formidable force that can tear through defenses with incredible efficiency.

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Balancing the Troop: Housing Space Considerations

To maintain balance within the game, the Super Hog Rider occupies a housing space of 12, slightly higher than the regular Hog Rider. This housing space allocation takes into account the fact that the Super Hog Rider splits into two troops upon defeat. By carefully balancing the housing space, Clash of Clans ensures that players must strategize and allocate their troop capacity effectively when deploying Super Hog Riders.

Cancelling Super Troops: A New Flexibility

Super Troops Cancel button

With the introduction of the Super Hog Rider, a new feature has been implemented that allows players to cancel Super Troops. This flexibility enables Clashers to adjust their army composition based on the unique demands of each battle. It's important to note that canceling Super Troops does not refund the Dark Elixir or Super Potion used to boost them. Nonetheless, this new mechanic grants players more versatility in Clan War Leagues and other competitive game modes.

Mechanics: How Does the Splitting of Troops Work?

Understanding the mechanics behind the splitting of Super Hog Riders is crucial for utilizing them effectively. Initially, the Super Hog Rider behaves similarly to its regular counterpart, targeting defenses and effortlessly jumping over walls. However, upon defeat, the Super Hog Rider splits into two separate troops, each with its own distinct behavior. The Hog continues to target defenses and jump over walls, while the Rider remains behind walls, attacking nearby buildings. The splitting of troops introduces a new layer of strategy and tactical considerations to your raids.

Pros and Cons: Super Hog Rider vs. Regular Hog Rider

To fully grasp the potential of the Super Hog Rider, let's compare it to its regular counterpart. While the base stats of the Super Hog Rider are only marginally better than those of the regular Hog Rider, the true advantage lies in its splitting ability. When the Super Hog Rider divides into the Hog and the Rider, it creates new opportunities for coordinated attacks and targeted destruction. Additionally, the Super Hog Rider has a distinct advantage when it comes to avoiding spring traps, making it a more resilient option for taking down defenses. However, it's important to consider the housing space allocation and the strategic implications it entails.

Super Hog Riders on Defense: A New Challenge

While the Super Hog Rider excels on offense, its performance on defense is equally intriguing. With its increased hit points and the splitting mechanic, it poses a unique challenge to attackers. Base builders now have the opportunity to incorporate Super Hog Riders into their defensive strategies, aiming to disrupt enemy attacks and catch opponents off guard. However, it remains to be seen how effective this new defensive approach will be and how attackers will adapt to overcome the obstacles posed by the Super Hog Riders.

Attacking Strategies: Maximizing the Super Hog Rider's Potential

When it comes to attacking with Super Hog Riders, several strategies can be employed to maximize their potential. Thanks to their greater hit points, Super Hog Riders can effectively target Town Halls, especially when supported by healing spells. This opens up new avenues for Queen charges and provides greater flexibility in planning your attacks. Furthermore, the forgiving nature of Super Hog Riders allows for more room for error, giving you a higher chance of success even in challenging situations.


The introduction of the Super Hog Rider adds a thrilling new dimension to Clash of Clans battles. With its unique splitting ability, enhanced stats, and strategic possibilities, this Super troop promises to revolutionize your raiding strategies. Whether you're attacking or defending, the Super Hog Rider demands careful consideration and tactical finesse. So, gear up, upgrade your Dark Barracks, and harness the power of the Super Hog Rider to dominate the Clash of Clans landscape!


Can the Super Hog Rider split multiple times during a battle?

No, the Super Hog Rider can only split once upon defeat. It divides into the Hog and the Rider, and from that point on, they function as separate troops.

Does the Super Hog Rider's splitting ability trigger Clan Castle troops?

Yes, just like the regular Hog Rider, the Super Hog Rider's splitting ability can trigger Clan Castle troops. Be prepared for additional defenders to join the battle when it splits!

Can the Super Hog Rider survive Giant Bombs or other devastating traps?

The Super Hog Rider's increased hit points make it more resilient than the regular Hog Rider. While it can survive certain traps, it's still susceptible to high-damage traps like Giant Bombs. Plan your attacks accordingly and deploy healing spells to support your Super Hog Riders.

Does the Super Hog Rider have any preferred targets?

Both the Hog and the Rider within the Super Hog Rider have the same target preferences as their regular counterparts. The Hog primarily targets defenses, while the Rider focuses on nearby buildings. Understanding these target preferences is crucial for effective deployment and maximizing their destructive capabilities.

Can I use the Super Hog Rider in Clan War Leagues?

Absolutely! Once you've unlocked the Super Hog Rider, you can utilize it in Clan War Leagues to gain an edge over your opponents. Incorporate this powerful troop into your strategies and lead your clan to victory!

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