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The New and Improved Gold Pass: Exploring the Price Increase and Exciting Rewards

Learn about the price increase of the Gold Pass in Clash of Clans, new rewards, and a trick to delay the increase. Discover if it's worth the investme
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The New and Improved Gold Pass: Exploring the Price Increase and Exciting Rewards
Gold Pass: Price Increase and Exciting Rewards

Clash of Clans players, get ready for some exciting updates! The Gold Pass, known for its incredible value, is undergoing changes. In this article, we will explore the new rewards and enhancements that come with the upgraded Gold Pass. Additionally, I will share a valuable trick to temporarily prevent the price increase. So, let's dive in and discover all the details.

The Gold Pass Upgrade: More Value, New Rewards

The Gold Pass, originally priced at $5, is now increasing to $7. Although the price may vary slightly depending on your country and currency, the additional two dollars bring forth exciting rewards. With the most recent update, the Season Challenge menus have already undergone changes, particularly the addition of the Builder Base Bank. Let's explore the enhancements in detail.

The Builder Base Bank: Doubling the Rewards

The Builder Base Bank: Doubling the Rewards

Starting from July 1st, the new Gold Pass will introduce the Builder Base Bank alongside the regular Season Bank for the Home Village. The Builder Base Bank functions similarly to the Season Bank, accumulating loot from Builder Base attacks. It reaches a maximum capacity of 10 million Builder Gold and 10 million Builder Elixir. This addition provides an excellent opportunity to accumulate resources in both villages simultaneously.

Increased Regular Season Bank Tier: More Loot!

Increased Regular Season Bank Tier: More Loot!

In the developer build, the regular Season Bank displays a capacity of 25 million gold and elixir, along with 250,000 Dark Elixir. However, we have received information that this capacity will be further increased to 30 million gold and elixir, along with 300,000 Dark Elixir. This enhancement raises the Season Bank tier from 20 million to the final tier of 30 million, ensuring even greater rewards.

Multipliers: Amplifying the Rewards

Multipliers: Amplifying the Rewards

Did you know that approximately 60% of Gold Pass purchasers do not fill up their Season Bank entirely, missing out on potential rewards? To address this, Supercell has introduced multipliers to assist players in maximizing their rewards. Let's explore the multipliers in detail:

  • Regular Season Bank Multiplier: The loot acquired in the Home Village will be doubled once you unlock this feature at 820 points. For instance, if you previously gained half a million gold, it would directly go into your Season Bank. However, with the multiplier, looting half a million gold will add one million gold to your Season Bank, enabling faster progression. This enhancement significantly benefits players who struggle to fill up their Season Bank entirely.

  • Builder Base Bank Multiplier: The Builder Base Bank will experience an incredible boost with a fourfold multiplier once you unlock this feature at 880 points. For example, looting half a million Builder Gold will now translate to two million Builder Gold in your bank. This multiplier empowers players to accumulate resources more efficiently, ensuring greater progress.

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Extra Rewards and Considerations

New Silver Pass Rewards

While this article primarily focuses on the paid version of the Gold Pass, it is worth mentioning a few changes in the dev build for the free Silver Pass. The June Gold Pass offered 15 Silver Pass rewards, but the dev build shows an increase to 20 rewards, potentially providing additional benefits to Silver Pass users.

Moreover, the upgraded Gold Pass guarantees five runes, representing one of each type. Previously, only four runes were provided, rotating between different types each month. Additionally, the Gold Pass continues to offer one shovel of obstacles and 10 War Rings, while the claimable resources remain unchanged. It is also worth noting that the amount of Capital Gold has increased to 5,000, compared to the previous 3,000.

Gems required for compensate tiers

However, it is crucial to acknowledge a hidden drawback of the new Gold Pass. Although the price increase is accompanied by extra rewards, the total number of reward tiers has also increased. Consequently, the cost to fast-forward through the pass has risen. Previously, it required 100 gems per reward tier, but now it has decreased to 90 gems to compensate. While this change may not significantly impact most players, it is an essential aspect to consider.

Additional Rewards: Making the Price Increase Worthwhile

Supercell understands that a price increase is not always welcome news. However, they have made an effort to ensure that players still receive exceptional value with the new Gold Pass.

Hero Skin: Instant Unlock

Upon purchasing the Gold Pass, players will receive a hero skin right away. This means you can start enjoying the new cosmetic right from the beginning of the season.

Extra Cosmetics: Aesthetic Bonuses

The new Gold Pass includes additional cosmetics such as Clan house decorations and a goblin dragon statue for the Home Village. While these may not be the primary reason players invest in the Gold Pass, they serve as pleasant bonuses for those who enjoy customizing their villages.

Auto Forge Slot: Streamlining Upgrades

Auto Forge Slot: Streamlining Upgrades

The Gold Pass also grants an auto Forge slot, which provides an extra slot in your Forge without requiring a builder. Furthermore, converting resources to Capital Gold costs 50% less in this slot. This new addition streamlines the upgrading process and allows players to make progress more efficiently.

Maximizing Value: A Trick to Delay the Price Increase

Supercell Store - Clash of Clans

Undoubtedly, nobody likes to witness a price increase. However, I appreciate Supercell's efforts to maintain the Gold Pass's value even with the adjustment. If you wish to delay the price increase for a limited period, there is a trick you can utilize. By visiting, you can purchase gems for Clash of Clans and enjoy a 10% discount on any future Gold Pass purchases. This way, you can secure multiple Gold Passes at the current price, providing substantial savings. Remember to log in via Supercell ID and activate the Gold Passes when desired.

Conclusion: Assessing the Value

In conclusion, the upgraded Gold Pass introduces exciting new rewards and enhancements. While opinions may differ regarding the price increase, it is commendable that Supercell strives to deliver added value to its players. The extra cosmetics, such as Clan house decorations and the goblin dragon statue, are pleasant bonuses. However, the real value lies in the progression and loot-based benefits, ensuring an enhanced gaming experience.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase the Gold Pass rests with each player. Considering the increased rewards, I believe the price remains fair. However, I acknowledge that perspectives may vary, and affordability plays a crucial role. I hope this article has provided you with valuable insights to make an informed decision regarding the Gold Pass.

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out our other update guides and tips. Thank you for reading, and have a fantastic day!


Will the price increase affect the value of the Gold Pass?

While the price is increasing, the new rewards and enhancements aim to provide additional value to players, making the Gold Pass a worthwhile investment.

Can I still purchase multiple Gold Passes to activate in the future?

Yes, you can visit, log in via Supercell ID, and purchase multiple Gold Passes. This allows you to activate them at your convenience, potentially delaying the price increase.

Are the extra cosmetics significant compared to the loot-based rewards?

The extra cosmetics, such as Clan house decorations and the goblin dragon statue, serve as aesthetic bonuses. The primary value lies in the enhanced progression and loot rewards.

Will there be more rewards for the free Silver Pass?

Yes, the new Silver Pass offers an increased number of rewards compared to previous versions, providing additional benefits for players who opt for the free pass.

Is the price increase justified considering inflation and operational costs?

While nobody wants to see a price increase, it's important to understand that operational costs and inflation may necessitate adjustments. Supercell strives to maintain player satisfaction by offering improved rewards alongside the price increase.

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