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Easily Three-Star the Goblin Warden Challenge with this Step-by-Step Guide in Clash of Clans

Conquer the Goblin Warden Challenge in Clash of Clans with this step-by-step guide. Learn effective strategies to three-star the challenge and achieve
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Easily Three-Star the Goblin Warden Challenge with this Step-by-Step Guide in Clash of Clans
Easily Three-Star the Goblin Warden Challenge
It's time to prove Goblins are Superior when you conquer The Goblin Warden Challenge.


The Goblin Warden Challenge in Clash of Clans can be a formidable task, requiring careful strategy and precise execution. However, with the right approach, you can enhance your chances of success. In this article, we will explore effective tactics and share a step-by-step tutorial to help you easily three-star the Goblin Warren Challenge. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, this guide will provide you with the knowledge and techniques needed to triumph over this challenging obstacle. 

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The Goblin Warden Challenge gives you 400 Experience points, 25 Gems & 1 Super Potion when you 3-star this challenge. The base design of this challenge is symmetric from right and left, where 2 Elixir storage, 1 Scattershot, 1 Monolith and  5 Heroes- 1 Barbarian king, 1 Archer Queen, 2 Grand Warden & 1 Royal Champion are located on both sides. And there are 3 Multi-infernos and a Grand Warden on top of the base. Town Hall 15 and Clan Castle can be seen in the centre of the base.

Goblin Warden Challenge Base layout
Goblin Warden Challenge Base layout 

How to Easily Three-Star the Goblin Warden Challenge

Now, let's get down to business and discuss the strategies and steps involved in three-starring the Goblin Warden Challenge. By following these instructions carefully, you'll be well on your way to victory.

Step 1: Trigger All Traps

   - Deploy 2 Sneaky Goblin to target the CC from both paths and make sure both go in different paths, so every trap will be triggered.

Step 2: Destroy CC and Town Hall

   - Deploy all remaining Sneaky Goblins on one path to first destroy CC and then destroy the Town Hall by using an Invisibility spell in Sneaky Goblins. Here you need to mainly focus on Sneaky Goblins, as soon as the Sneaky Goblins are about to destroy the CC and go towards the Town Hall, deploy an invisibility spell on them. Here, the timing must be perfect. If you fail to take down Town Hall then repeat the attack.

Step 3: Grand Warden Set to Ground Mode

   - Before starting the Warden walk, make sure to set your Grand Warden to ground mode.

Step 4: Deploy the Grand Warden and Healers

   - After destroying the Town Hall, focus on deploying the Grand Warden followed by the five Healers at the top of the base (Multi-Inferno compartment).
   - Use the Rage spell to easily clear that compartment. There may be 2-3 goblins coming out from CC which your Grand Warden will take care of.

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Step 5: Kill 1 Royal Champion

   - As soon as the Grand Warden destroys the last multi-inferno tower, he will then target any Royal champion on the left or right. And this is the tricky part, you've to lure the Royal Champion with Headhunter or if you're lucky then Royal Champion will target your Grand Warden on your own.
   - If your Grand Warden follows the Royal Champion then he'll be picked up by the Monolith. So, you've two options: Lure Royal Champion then start deploying Hog Riders or Just skip this step. 😋

Step 6: Deploy Hog Riders and every troop

   - Deploy all Hog Riders to target Scattershot (whichever side your Grand Warden is going) and cast a Heal Spell to support them.
   - Deploy all Headhunters to target Heroes and Wizards to clear buildings.

Step 7: Grand Warden Ability and Poison Spell

   - When all Hog riders destroy the Scattershot and Monolith in the first compartment and go for the second compartment then use the Grand Warden ability which will protect your Hog Riders and Headhunters. Deploy Poison Spell on Monolith in the second compartment where all skeletons and Heroes will gather to slow down & kill them.

Step 8: Last Invisibility Spell

   - If you've all 6 Headhunters alive then they'll easily clear all Heroes when Heroes target your Hog Riders. But if you've fewer Headhunters then some Heroes will survive and they'll ruin your attack. So you can use that Invisibility spell on your 2-3 Headhunters and they'll get you three-star ultimately.

By following these steps and considering the tips, you'll be well-equipped to conquer the Goblin Warden Challenge and secure a three-star victory. Good luck!


What are the key features of the Goblin Warden Challenge in Clash of Clans?

The Goblin Warden Challenge features a symmetric base design with Elixir storage, Scattershot, Monolith, and Heroes on both sides. It also includes Multi-infernos, a Grand Warden, Town Hall 15, and a Clan Castle in the center.

What is the role of the Grand Warden in the Goblin Warden Challenge?

The Grand Warden plays a crucial role in the challenge. It should be set to ground mode before starting the attack. The Grand Warden, along with Healers, helps in clearing compartments and protecting troops like Hog Riders and Headhunters.

What is the recommended strategy for deploying Sneaky Goblins in the Goblin Warden Challenge?

To trigger all traps, deploy 2 Sneaky Goblins to target the Clan Castle from different paths. This ensures that all traps are activated and increases the chances of a successful attack.

How can I effectively utilize Hog Riders and Headhunters in the Goblin Warden Challenge?

Deploy Hog Riders to target the Scattershot and use a Heal Spell to support them. Deploy Headhunters to eliminate Heroes and Wizards. Make use of the Grand Warden's ability to protect the Hog Riders and Headhunters during the attack.

What should I do if I fail to destroy the Town Hall in the Goblin Warden Challenge?

If you fail to destroy the Town Hall, repeat the attack and focus on the Sneaky Goblins. Make sure they reach the Town Hall with the assistance of an Invisibility spell to ensure its destruction.

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