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Powerful TH8 GoWiPe Attack Strategy (Clash Of Clans)

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TH8 GoWiPe

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Today we're going to discuss about an attacks strategy (GoWiPe), that's widely used in TH8 for Trophy Push and War. GoWiPe is probably the most powerful ground attack that a TH8 can use. I advise using it only in war and in pushing due to the high costs of the comp. This is an especially good comp to use against bases with level 6 air defenses or lower level ground defenses. If used correctly, there is a 100% chance that you will get at least 2 stars on another town hall 8. Depending on timing & defending CC troops, 3 stars is easily attainable.

Army Composition with Quake:
- 2 golems 
- 2 P.E.K.K.A (level 2 or 3 minimum)
- 8 hogs
- 5 barbs or archers (for lure)
- 1 giant (for cc troops distraction)
- 10 wizards
- CC: 1 P.E.K.K.A + Quake Spell
- 2 Healing Spell + 3 Quake Spell

Army Composition with Double Poison:
- 2 golems 
- 2 P.E.K.K.A (level 2 or 3 minimum)
- 8 Wall Breakers 
- 8 archers 
- 14 wizards
- 2 giants or hogs (for lure)
- CC: 1 P.E.K.K.A + 1 Poison Spell
- 2 Rage Spell + 1 Healing Spell + 1 Poison Spell

Army Composition with Haste:
- 2 Golems 
- 2 P.E.K.K.A (level 2 or 3. Level one P.E.K.K.As are not strong enough)
- 6 Wall Breakers 
- 18 Wizards
- CC: 1 P.E.K.K.A + 1 Haste Spell
- 2 Rage Spells + 1 Heal Spell + 1 Poison Spell


  • To lure or not to lure, that is the first question you'll have to decide for yourself. If the base is relatively compact, a lure might not be a bad idea since most defending clan castles have dragons now and using 2 poison spells placed 5 seconds apart can kill max dragons. However, if the lure takes more than 2 giants or 2 hogs and a few archers, it's taking too much space and probably too much time away from your attack. My advice, if you have lvl 1 golems lure if it's easy, if you have lvl 2 golems go in without the lure and let the wizards behind your golems take out the defending cc troops; you can always slow them down with a poison spell if you decide to take a haste in your cc. 
  • After you dealt with the CC troops (or not), it's time to deploy the army. If you brought Quake, use it now to bust that base wide open. Either way, you'll need to  In the decide a line of attack, typically about 10 spaces apart. Drop 1 golem each at the end of your line, followed by some wizards and 2-3 wall breakers for each side if you brought them. Once your funnel has been created using wizards, deploy your P.E.K.K.As, Heroes, CC troops, and most of wizards in the middle part of that line. By doing like this, there will be NO distraction for the heroes and the P.E.K.K. and they will head straight in for the Town Hall. Save a few wizards if you can to help clean up outlying structures later in the attack.
  • .After your troops have entered the in the first compartment of the base is a good time to consider sending your hogs in from the side and dropping a heal spell on the golems, wizards and P.E.K.K.As if they are losing significant amount of health. It's better to hold off until later in the attack to heal your PEKKAs, but you don't want to lose a golem or significant amount of wizards early in the attack. Also, if you brought 2 rage spells or a haste, use it now and get those troops to and through the center of the base as fast as you can.
  • When you reach the center of the base, which is typically where the Town Hall is on a TH8 base, it's time to deploy a rage and a heal spell on top of each other to drive your troops through to the backside of the base. If you brought Quake to the party, consider saving your second heal spell until your troops are through the center of the base and approaching the backside. You may have had to use your rage spell to get there, and if that is the case you have to start thinking about deploying your remaining wizards to make sure you pick up the 50% & TH for 2 stars. If not, make sure you deploy your remaining wizards to help cleanup outlying structures where nearby defenses are distracted or destroyed. 

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