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Fastest Way to Complete Clan Games in Clash Of Clans!

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In this post we'll talk about, How you can quickly finish Clan Games but first I will provide a brief overview as to what the Clan Games are, because this will help you understand how it works in order to complete them as fast as possible.

Welcome back to TutorGaming guys. It's great to have you. 

I will give you all of my tips throughout the Post so be sure to stick around but without any further do, let's get into it.

Let's give you my top tips for completing the Clan Games as fast as possible in order to maximise your efficiency. We need to understand the ins and outs of Clan Games. 

So here's my brief overview you can keep track of when the clan games will be present within the events tab in-game but you know when it's active, because the caravan will be on your Home Village. You need to be a Town hall 6 and actually in a clan in order to participate. 

Click on the caravan and this will open up the challenge menu this is where I will be explaining why to pick certain challenges and how to complete them quickly.

Notice that some of the reward points are in yellow, this is because they are worth roughly twice the amounts of points every Clan Games are there.

Sometimes it's Builder Base theme, sometimes it's Home Village theme. if the points fit within that theme, they might be worth twice the amount. 

Why should you care about getting 4000 points?
Well number one, you're helping your clan and if you do get maximum points you get to choose an extra reward and who doesn't enjoy free items.

You can actually see the progress of your clan via the clan menu and remember, it is a
team effort so you will need an active clan. I'd recommend the in-game tool or the Clash of Clans reddit or forums, if you are not in an active clan. However you might be able to use this to your advantage because it demonstrates how many points they have and also if they are currently undertaking an active challenge. If this is a challenge for donations for example you might put up a request in order to help them.

However as a team you work together to move through the tiers and unlock higher items. This is demonstrated right at the bottom of the screen and you can move up thirty thousand for tier five and fifty thousand for tier six. 

If you do happen to get all four thousand points then you can get double the rewards. 
I'd highly recommend this from the top tier because obviously these items are better. 

But how do you know which challenges to pick and how to complete them fast?

So what you want to do is look specifically at the challenges. Are there any that you know, you can complete quick and potentially combine with the double points. 

Now I'm showing you how you can drop and farm points extremely fast but let's go ahead and demonstrate this. Whenever there are donation requests, you can start that this is worth 250 points and check it out. You can co-ordinate with your clan in terms of completing this challenge in literally a couple of seconds. If you have the gold pass, one gem donations will also help you out massively.

Now remember whenever you select a challenge, it will actually start another challenge for your clan. So if someone has completed all of the challenges they might still take challenges that are horrible, some of them that are hard to complete might not be worth double points and actually you can still take them away so that it rotates the easier ones in for your clan. 

Top tip, this one clear five obstacles from the Home Village or Builder Base. Now the Builder Base is one that where I will be showing you how to drop trophies and farm very quickly. But if you have your clock tower boost, use it and remove obstacle literally in a few seconds. You get some free gems for this as well guys. If your builder is busy then you can complete this challenge by removing grass that doesn't require any builder or any cost.

Let's get into dropping and farming so that's a couple of tips. In terms of some very easy challenges to complete. What about some of the attacking challenges, What should you do with them by the way? 

Take a Look at this the Wall Whacker challenge, destroy 125 wall segments. it's also worth double the points 1000 points, which is a quarter of your maximum points but tasks like this can often be very easy. You might often have ones to destroy an Archer Queen altar, you could take a lightning spell into battle, take it out or think about this one. I know it's not traditional but just cook up all earthquake spells, have your training boost and just deploy four earthquake spells to destroy a bunch of walls. You will be surprised how quickly you can take down that task whilst it's not traditional it does help you to get the Clan Games done extremely quickly and that's what this is all about.

Now in terms of dropping trophies you can do this on the Home Village if you wished because a lot of the tasks are in terms of getting a certain amount of stars or getting a certain amount of percent. You can do that very easily, if you drop trophies. I know that's not for everybody but you might actually want to do this on the Builder base instead. Maybe you don't want to jeopardize your Home Village trophies, you might want to drop your Builder Base trophies. Now one thing you can do is combine dropping trophies with some other tasks for example you might have a task to destroy a certain amount of Clock Towers within the builder base. You could pick up that task just destroy the clock tower get out of there, you've dropped trophies and you have completed some tasks along the way. If you dropped some trophies, that means you will get easier matches in the Builder Base.

Now I'm not necessarily seeing that you have
to do this guys but it is an option and if you want to complete them fast. If you do need to do the challenges ASAP dropping trophies, it's actually one of the best ways to do it. 

The attack strategy I like to use in Builder Base is Gaint and Cannon Cart strategy, I've already shared this strategy in previous post, Checkout 'Secret to get 6 Builders Fast' .

I also have another tip for you because what some people will do, I don't do this but it is an option for you some people will only upgrade their Home Village and they will leave the Builder base at level 2 whereby they literally have a cannon an army camp in the Builder Hall itself and that means when you go into battle, you're battling other players that have like 3 or 4 buildings and if you need to get a certain amount of wins or a certain amount of just total destruction, it's incredibly easy very very quickly to do. 

Now in terms of myself I would personally upgrade the Builder Base, get yourself O.T.T.O and the 6th builder. But if you're asking me how to complete Clan Games extremely quickly, just know that dropping trophies is an option.

From this point it's really just rotating the tasks and making sure that you are collecting the ones that you can complete quickly. If that's because you have dropped trophies so a couple of tips I want to close out on, that I don't feel I've mentioned very well so far in the post is that it really is a team effort.

I focused very heavily on you and your challenges again, if you can combine whatever strategy you're using, If that's dropping trophies with. The double points the ones in yellow then clearly you want to try and do that. But as a team you all get these same challenges across the clan that means is that you can co-ordinate challenges across your clan. Maybe some of your team will take the Builder Base challenges whilst other members will stick to the Home Village Challenges. Try and co-ordinate across you guys.

As I referenced earlier, if you are getting close to your maximum points you might actually want to take challenges that you know the rest of your clan will struggle with and just let them time out, just to rotate the challenges. 

Let me give you an example, maybe you guys are stacked with Town hall 7's and it's there are sometimes challenges to get a certain amount of stars in Titan/Legend League. Maybe you guys are not in Titan league that challenge will sit there and be one of the slots that you could rotate, so somebody close to maximum might want to take that challenge to just rotate and get more in that you want to complete.

Try not to burn out as you are doing the Clan Games. Remember you get multiple days in order to do this. I've given you a lot of tips here to complete them as fast as possible. But really, majority of the tasks you can do as you are just playing the game actively and that's what I would encourage.

Just enjoy the game, complete the challenges but I felt this post was necessary because I always do get questions about how to complete them as fast as possible.

Maybe you log on and there's only a couple of days left, this Post will hopefully help you out.

If you do have any other tips be sure to let me know down in the comments to share them with other players. 

--- Clash On!

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