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Best TH9 GoWiWi War attack Strategy 2021

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Hey Guys, Welcome to .  It's great to have you. In this Post, I'm going to show you an 'Old but Gold' War attack Strategy GoWiWi for TH9. Best thing about this strategy is it's easy-to-use and Overpowered. So without wasting any time, Let's get into it!


Classic: 2 golems + 4 wbs + 10 witches + 8 wizards + 2 jump + 1 rage + 1 heal + 1 poison + bowlers (CC) + 1 poison (CC).

Stoned: 3 golems + 3 wbs + 8 witches + 7 wizards + 2 jump + 1 rage + heal + 1 poison + bowlers (CC) + 1 poison (CC).

The version is a matter of preference. In general the stoned GoWiBo is the safe choice though.


- Very easy attack to learn.

- - Doesn't need almost any adapting at all during the attack.

- Very safe choice.

- - Witches variations are used in every TH (useful attack to learn).


- Needs quite a lot of max troops (golems + witches + wizards).

- - Needs high heroes.

When to choose it:

- It works in every base.

When to avoid it:

- Versus bases with many compartments (might struggle, but still is viable).


  • Pick always a side from where you will start the attack. Never attack from a corner.
  • Drop the 1st golem on the 1/3rd of the side and the 2nd golem on the 2/3rds of the side (1/4th, middle, 3/4ths in the stoned version). You want every defence possible to target a golem and not any other of your troops.
  • Drop all witches evenly on the side. Behind of each witch drop a wizard.
  • Drop the wbs between the golems and only after when every outer building on the side is destroyed. Drop 1 wb first to scout for bombs and then the other 3 on the same spot.
  • Drop CC troops and heroes in the middle. Use the jumps to redirect your troops (don't wait for the troops to get stuck on a wall in order to drop it) and use the heal and the rage just right after when your troops enter the base, before they reach the core.

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