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Easily Three-Star the Goblin Champion Challenge with this Step-by-Step Guide

Master the three-star attack for Goblin Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans with this step-by-step guide. Conquer it and collect all the rewards!
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Easily Three-Star the Goblin Champion Challenge with this Step-by-Step Guide

Are you ready to take on the challenges and conquer new territories in Clash of Clans? If you want to ensure a successful attack and collect the rewards, then you've come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through a step-by-step strategy that guarantees a consistent and effective three-star attack.

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Step 1: Siege Machine and Rocket Loons

To begin your attack, first trigger a hidden Tesla with a Goblin and deploy your Siege Machine at 3 O'clock. Next, send in the Rocket Loons at 5 O'clock to destroy a hidden Tesla and a X-Bow. Place two Rocket Loons on each Tesla at the top side of the base. This should be sufficient to take them out, but keep in mind that Clash of Clans can be unpredictable. If any Teslas remain active, simply deploy additional Rocket Loons until the threat is eliminated. After the Siege Machine and Rocket Loons have done their job, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Goblins and Rocket Loons

Now, it's time to introduce the Goblins into the battle. These units are crucial for triggering traps and setting up the base for later stages. Place the Goblins in the order specified, followed by a single Rocket Loon on the left side. Then, deploy three more Rocket Loons to target and eliminate the X-Bow. In some instances, the X-Bow might withstand the attack due to factors like random number generation (RNG). In such cases, don't worry—simply place another Rocket Loon to finish the job. Remember, you still have three Rocket Loons left for this purpose. Once the X-Bow is down, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Sneaky Goblins and Goblins

Now deploy Goblins near gold and elixir collectors to trigger traps. Additionally, place three Sneaky Goblins on each storage structure on the bottom side of the base. These Goblins will trigger any remaining traps and clear the path for your troops. Once you've completed this step, it's time to regroup and prepare for the final stages of the attack. Use a Sneaky Goblin near Dark elixir drill to trigger tornado traps then deploy one more Sneaky Goblin to destroy DE drill. Then deploy all Sneaky Goblins (keep 2-3 Sneaky Goblins) to destroy Town Hall and use 1 Invisibility spell to protect your Sneaky Goblins.

Step 4: Finishing Attack 

At this point, it's time to introduce the Ice Golem to the battle. Place it on the top left side of the base. Then, deploy two Poison Spells to kill Goblins from CC. The Ice Golem will lure the Goblins into the Poison Spells, freezing them in place and guaranteeing their demise. With your Siege Machine safe and sound, move on to the next objective.

Step 5: Conclusion

At this point, you should have plenty of troops remaining, including Rocket Loons, Goblins, and Sneaky Goblins. Use them to clean up any remaining structures and secure your three-star victory. It's always advisable to save a few units for cleanup to ensure your attack isn't too close on time. Congratulations! You've successfully mastered the three-star attack strategy in Clash of Clans.


Q: How can I ensure a successful three-star the Goblin Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans?

A: Follow our step-by-step guide and deploy the recommended troops strategically. Don't forget to trigger traps, utilize the invisibility spell, and save troops for cleanup.

Q: What should I do if the X-Bow stays up after the initial attack?

A: Simply deploy an additional Rocket Loon to eliminate the X-Bow. You should have enough Rocket Loons to handle such situations.

Q: How do I deal with traps and defenses at the Town Hall?

A: Use Goblins to trigger the traps, and then send in your Sneaky Goblins to destroy Town Hall with the help of invisibility spell.

Q: What should I prioritize during the cleanup phase?

A: Focus on eliminating any remaining structures while keeping an eye on the time. Use the Rocket Loons, Goblins, and Sneaky Goblins for efficient cleanup.

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