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Easily Three-Star the Goblin Queen Challenge with Step-by-Step Guide

Learn effective strategies and tactics to conquer the Goblin Queen Challenge in Clash of Clans. This comprehensive guide will help you secure 3 star.
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Easily Three-Star the Goblin Queen Challenge with Step-by-Step Guide
Goblin Queen Challenge

Are you ready to conquer the Goblin Queen challenge and secure a three-star victory? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the strategies and tactics needed to emerge victorious against this challenge. Get your troops ready and let's dive into the battle!

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In Clash of Clans, the Goblin Queen Challenge presents an exciting opportunity for players to showcase their skills and earn valuable rewards. With the right strategy and troop composition, you can easily conquer this challenge and claim victory. We will guide you through the steps to three-star the Goblin Queen Challenge efficiently.

The Goblin Queen: A New Hero Skin

Before we dive into the details of the challenge, let's take a moment to appreciate the new hero skin – the Goblin Queen. This unique skin adds a refreshing twist to the game, allowing players to customize their heroes and make them stand out on the battlefield. The Goblin Queen brings a new level of excitement to Clash of Clans, and it's worth acquiring.

Books of Clash and Statue

In conjunction with the Goblin Queen skin, Supercell has released the Books of Clash. Also, a commemorative Books of Clash statue is now available in the game.

How to Easily Three-Star the Goblin Queen Challenge

Now, let's get down to business and discuss the strategies and steps involved in three-starring the Goblin Queen Challenge. By following these instructions carefully, you'll be well on your way to victory.

Step 1: Grand Warden Set to Ground Mode

   - Before starting the attack, make sure to set your Grand Warden to ground mode.

Step 2: Trigger All Traps

   - Deploy a Super Wall Breaker to open the Town Hall compartment, then use a Goblin to activate the invisible towers.
   - Use 4 or more Minions/Balloons strategically to trigger traps and neutralize tornado traps & air bombs.

Step 3: Destroy Town Hall

   - Deploy all five Goblins swiftly for maximum impact on the Town Hall. If needed, use a Rage spell.

Step 4: Deploy the Goblin Queen and Healers

   - After destroying the Town Hall, focus on deploying the Goblin Queen followed by the five Healers near the Barrack.
   - Use Wall Breakers strategically to ensure a clear path for the Goblin Queen.

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Step 5: Deploy the King, Siege Barracks, Hog Riders and Warden

   - Deploy the Barbarian King and Siege Barrack near the Dark Spell factory (where K is written)
and Wall Breaker next to the air defence to create pathing for King and CC troops.
   - Simultaneously, send your Hog Riders towards the cannon in two groups from the bottom side near Eagle Artillery. Also, send Grand Warden with Hog Riders.

Step 6: Freezing and Dealing with Defenses

   - Freeze the top Eagle Artillery and the two Scattershots to save your Hogs.
   - Send in the Royal Champion towards the mortar on the left side of the base to divert its attention and provide additional support.
   - Activate the Royal Champion's ability at any stage of the attack to swiftly finish off the remaining defences.

Step 7:Deploy Minions

   - Deploy your Minions on the bottom side of the base for cleanup.

Additional Tips and Strategies:

- Use Freeze spells to support your Goblin Queen against defending Heroes and most importantly save a Freeze spell for the Single Target Inferno at the top.

By following these steps and considering the additional tips, you'll be well-equipped to conquer the Goblin Queen Challenge and secure a three-star victory. Good luck!


What is the Goblin Queen Challenge in Clash of Clans?

The Goblin Queen Challenge is an event in Clash of Clans where players can test their strategies and skills against a specific challenge and earn rewards.

How do I unlock the Goblin Queen skin?

The Goblin Queen skin can be obtained by participating in and completing the Goblin Queen Challenge in Clash of Clans.

Are there any special abilities or powers associated with the Goblin Queen skin?

The Goblin Queen skin in Clash of Clans offers a unique visual appearance to the hero character but does not provide any additional abilities or powers.

Are there any prerequisites or requirements to participate in the Goblin Queen Challenge?

To access the Goblin Queen Challenge, players need to have reached a certain level in Clash of Clans and have access to the events section in the game.

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  1. Mad it way too easy to 3 str challange. Thanx for sharing it.
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