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Strategies and Tactics for Successful High Trophy Attacks in Builder Base

Learn the strategies and tactics employed by a top player in Clash of Clans Builder Base to achieve success at high trophy levels.
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Strategies and Tactics for Successful High Trophy Attacks in Builder Base

Hey Clashers! The world of Clash of Clans is filled with incredible players achieving astonishing feats. Today, we're going to delve into the strategies and attacks of one player who has reached an astonishing 8,000 trophies. We'll analyze the techniques and base defenses he employs to defend against some of the top attackers. Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of high trophy battles!


Top Players Builder Base Link
Top Player's (8,000 trophies) Base Layout 
In this article, we will explore the impressive attacks and strategies used by a top player in Clash of Clans. From hero choices to troop compositions, we will uncover the thought process behind successful high trophy attacks. Additionally, we'll discuss the challenges faced by defenders in countering these strategies. So, let's jump right in and discover the secrets behind these remarkable achievements!

Strategies for High Trophy Attacks

Hero choice: Battle Copter Vs Battle Machine

Hero Choice: Air Hero vs. Ground Hero

One of the first things we notice about this top player's attacks is the use of an air hero, despite the presence of an Air X-Bow. This decision might seem counterintuitive at first, but there's a logical explanation. The absence of firecrackers in the initial stage allows the player to use the air hero without worrying about ground defenses. By deploying the air hero first, they can eliminate significant threats early on, paving the way for a successful attack.

Power of PEKKA in High trophies

The Power of Pekka in High Trophies

Moving on to troop compositions, it becomes evident that the player heavily relies on the mighty Pekka. The Pekka is known for its immense strength and ability to deal massive damage. Statistically, it may not appear overpowered, but in practice, it proves to be a formidable force. The player demonstrates excellent utilization of the Pekka's capabilities, exploiting its strengths to devastating effect.

Traps and Mind games

Dealing with Traps and Mind Games

In high trophy battles, mind games play a crucial role. The top player often faces opponents with similar bases, resulting in a constant battle of wits and strategic maneuvering. Traps become an integral part of this game, as players must anticipate their opponents' moves and set up defenses accordingly. The ability to outsmart opponents by carefully planning troop deployments and countering potential traps is a skill that separates the best from the rest.

Riskiness of certain troops

The Riskiness of Certain Troops

While the Pekka proves to be a dominant force, it's worth noting that some troops carry a higher risk in high trophy attacks. Troops like Giants and Wizards, although commonly used in lower trophy battles, are more vulnerable to high-level defenses and can easily be taken out. The top player in question strategically avoids relying heavily on these troops and instead focuses on a composition that provides a higher chance of 

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Attacking Strategies in High Trophies

Now that we've explored some overarching strategies, let's dive into the specific attacking strategies employed by this top player.

Utilizing Air Heroes in Anti-Air Bases

Despite the presence of Air X-Bow, the top player consistently employs air heroes in their attacks. This seemingly risky move is counterbalanced by the absence of firecrackers in the initial stage. By deploying the air hero first, they can eliminate key threats and gain air superiority, allowing for a smoother progression throughout the attack.

Baby Dragon attack strategy

Overcoming Base Defenses with Baby Dragons

Another effective strategy showcased by this top player is the use of Baby Dragons to overcome base defenses. Baby Dragons possess the ability to attack both air and ground units, making them versatile and powerful. By strategically deploying them and taking advantage of their splash damage, the player can eliminate clusters of defenses and create a pathway for their main attacking force.

Importance of Archer support

The Importance of Archer Support

While Pekkas and heroes may steal the spotlight, archers play a crucial supporting role in these high trophy attacks. The top player utilizes archers to take out key defenses, clear remaining structures, and distract enemy troops. Their long-range attack and ability to target specific buildings make them valuable assets in dismantling the opponent's defenses.

Analyzing Pekka Attacks and Defense

Pekkas are the backbone of the top player's attacks, and they are utilized with precision and skill. The player often creates a funnel to guide the Pekkas towards the core of the base, ensuring maximum damage and effectiveness. Additionally, the top player pays close attention to the positioning of traps, using Wall Breakers to neutralize them and protect the Pekkas. These strategic considerations greatly enhance the success rate of the attacks.

Defending Strategies in High Trophies

Defending at high trophy levels poses its own set of challenges. Let's take a look at some of the strategies employed by defenders against top-tier attackers.

Setting up Crushers and Guard Post Troops

Defending strategies in High trophies

Crushers prove to be formidable defenses against ground attacks, and defenders in high trophy levels take advantage of their power. By strategically placing Crushers, defenders can slow down and heavily damage incoming ground troops, buying time for other defenses to come into play. Additionally, having powerful troops in the Guard Post adds an extra layer of defense, posing a significant challenge for attackers.

Counterplay against Ground Attacks

Knowing that ground attacks are prevalent, defenders adapt their base layouts and defenses accordingly. They strategically position defenses like Roaster and Multi Mortar to target and eliminate ground troops efficiently. The arrangement of walls and traps also plays a crucial role in diverting and slowing down ground forces, giving the defender an edge in the battle.

Bomber's Base opening ability

Dealing with the Bomber's Base Opening Ability

Bombers are often used by attackers to open up compartments within the base. Defenders at high trophy levels anticipate this strategy and employ countermeasures. They strategically place compartments with multiple layers of walls and ensure that key defensive structures are not easily accessible. By forcing attackers to spend more time breaking through walls, defenders increase the chances of a successful defense.

Challenges of Defending against Pekka

Pekkas are powerful attackers, and defending against them requires careful planning. Defenders employ various strategies like using the Battle Machine or Hero abilities to distract and weaken the Pekkas. They also set up a combination of defenses like Mega Tesla, Air Bombs, and Hidden Teslas to deal heavy damage to the Pekkas and eliminate them as quickly as possible.


Achieving success at high trophy levels in the Builder Base requires a combination of strategic attacking and defending. The top player analyzed in this article demonstrates the importance of adapting and refining strategies to overcome challenges. By utilizing a combination of troops, heroes, and careful planning, they consistently achieve impressive results. Both attacking and defending players can learn valuable lessons from studying the gameplay and strategies employed by this top-tier player, ultimately enhancing their own performance in the Builder Base.


How do I unlock the troops mentioned in the article?

The troops mentioned in the article are unlocked as you progress through the Builder Hall levels in Clash of Clans. Each troop becomes available at a specific Builder Hall level.

What are some effective attacking strategies in high trophy levels of Clash of Clans Builder Base?

The top player utilizes air heroes, Baby Dragons, and archers strategically while focusing on Pekka attacks.

How do defenders counter high-level attacks in Clash of Clans Builder Base?

Defenders set up Crushers, Guard Post troops, and strategically position defenses to counter ground attacks and Pekkas.

What are some challenges faced by defenders in high trophy levels of Clash of Clans Builder Base?

Defending against Bombers, dealing with ground attacks, and countering the powerful Pekka units pose significant challenges.

What is the significance of archers in high trophy attacks in Clash of Clans Builder Base?

Archers play a crucial supporting role by taking out key defenses, clearing structures, and distracting enemy troops.

How does the top player overcome base defenses using Baby Dragons in Clash of Clans Builder Base?

Baby Dragons with their versatility and splash damage are strategically deployed to eliminate clusters of defenses.

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