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How to Use Giants in Town Hall 4 Attack Strategies

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Are you struggling to find effective attack strategies for your Town Hall 4 base? Look no further than giants! Giants are a powerful unit that can easily take down enemy defenses and pave the way for the rest of your army. In this guide, we'll show you how to use giants to their fullest potential in Town Hall 4 attack strategies.

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Why Giants Are Effective in Town Hall 4 ?

Giants are a great option for Town Hall 4 players because they are relatively cheap to train and upgrade, yet still pack a punch in battle. At this level, you may not have access to more advanced units like dragons or hog riders, so giants can serve as your main damage dealers.

Giants are also incredibly durable, with a high amount of health and defense. This makes them great for soaking up damage from enemy defenses while your other troops deal damage from behind. Giants are especially effective against single-target defenses like cannons and archer towers, which can quickly take down weaker units like barbarians and goblins.

How to Use Giants in Your Attack Strategy

Now that you know why giants are effective, let's take a look at how to use them in your Town Hall 4 attack strategy.

Step 1: Lure Out Enemy Clan Castle Troops

Before you start your attack, it's important to lure out any enemy clan castle troops that may be hiding inside your opponent's base. Giants are slow-moving, so you don't want them to get bogged down by enemy troops while they're trying to take down defenses.

To lure out enemy clan castle troops, send in a few barbarians or archers to attack the outer buildings of the base. This will cause the enemy troops to come out and engage your troops, allowing you to take them out before your giants arrive.

Step 2: Deploy Your Giants

Once the enemy clan castle troops have been dealt with, it's time to deploy your giants. Start by placing them in a line near the outer defenses of the base. This will allow them to take the brunt of the damage while your other troops deal damage from behind.

Step 3: Support Your Giants with Other Troops

As your giants move forward, it's important to support them with other troops. One effective strategy is to use archers or wizards to attack from behind the giants, taking out any defenses that the giants have aggroed.

You can also use wall breakers to break through walls and allow your giants to move deeper into the base. Be careful not to deploy your wall breakers too early, as they can easily get taken out by enemy defenses.

Step 4: Take Out Defenses and Collect Resources

As your giants move deeper into the base, focus on taking out defenses and collecting resources. Once the outer defenses have been cleared, deploy any remaining troops to take out the inner defenses and collect as much loot as possible.

Step 5: Watch Your Giants' Health

Throughout the attack, keep an eye on your giants' health. They may be durable, but they can still be taken out if they take too much damage. If you notice your giants' health getting low, deploy healers to keep them alive.
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Giants are a powerful unit that can be incredibly effective in Town Hall 4 attack strategies. By using them in combination with other troops, you can easily take down enemy defenses and collect resources. Remember to lure out enemy clan castle troops before deploying your giants, and keep an eye on their health throughout the attack. With these tips, you'll be dominating your opponents in no time!

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