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How to Use Balloons in Town Hall 4 Attack Strategies: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to use balloons in Town Hall 4 attack strategies. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to improve your game.
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Are you tired of losing in Town Hall 4 attacks? Are you looking for ways to improve your strategies? Look no further than balloons! In this guide, we'll show you how to effectively use balloons in Town Hall 4 attack strategies. From deployment to targeting, we've got you covered.

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Balloons are one of the most versatile troops in Clash of Clans. They can be used in a variety of attack strategies, making them an essential component of any successful player's arsenal. In this guide, we'll show you how to use balloons to take down Town Hall 4 bases with ease.

The Importance of Balloons in Town Hall 4 Attacks

Before we dive into the specifics of using balloons in Town Hall 4 attacks, let's first explore why they are so important. Balloons are air troops that deal significant damage to defenses, making them ideal for taking down structures such as Archer Towers and Wizard Towers. Additionally, they can bypass walls, allowing them to attack structures that ground troops cannot reach.
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How to Use Balloons in Town Hall 4 Attack Strategies

Now that we understand the importance of balloons, let's get into how to use them effectively in Town Hall 4 attacks.

Balloon Deployment

When deploying balloons, it's important to consider their pathing. Balloons will fly in a straight line towards their target, so it's important to deploy them in a way that will avoid exposing them to defenses for too long. Consider deploying them behind other troops, such as Giants or Barbarians, to distract defenses and draw their fire away from the balloons.

Targeting Defenses

Balloons are most effective when targeting defenses, so it's important to prioritize them when selecting targets. Take out Archer Towers and Wizard Towers first, as they deal the most damage to your troops. Once those are down, focus on other defenses such as Cannons and Mortars.

Balloons with Spells

Don't forget about the power of balloons with spells! Haste spells can help them quickly reach their targets. Consider bringing a few spells with you to use in conjunction with your balloons.

Using Balloons with Other Troops

Balloons can be used in conjunction with other troops, such as Giants or Barbarians. Use the ground troops to distract defenses and draw their fire away from the balloons, allowing them to take out key structures.

Defending Against Balloons

If you're on the receiving end of a balloon attack, there are a few things you can do to defend yourself. Air defenses are your first line of defense, so make sure you have them placed strategically throughout your base. Additionally, placing traps such as Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines can help take out balloons before they can do too much damage.


Q: Can balloons be used in Town Hall 4 Clan War attacks?
A: Yes, balloons can be effective in Clan War attacks at Town Hall 4.

Q: How many balloons should I bring in my attack strategy?
A: The number of balloons you bring will depend on the base you're attacking and your overall strategy. Experiment with different numbers to find what works best for you.

Q: Are balloons effective against ground troops?
A: No, balloons are air troops and are not effective against ground troops.

Q: What is the best way to deploy balloons?
A: Consider deploying balloons behind other troops to distract defenses.


In conclusion, balloons are a powerful tool in Town Hall 4 attack strategies. By prioritizing defenses, using balloon spells, and deploying them strategically, you can take down even the toughest bases with ease. Experiment with different strategies and find what works best for you. With a little practice, you'll be winning attacks in no time.

Remember, balloons are just one component of a successful attack strategy. Make sure to consider your other troops, spells, and overall base design when planning your attacks.

We hope this guide has been helpful in improving your Town Hall 4 attack strategies. Good luck and happy raiding!

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