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Mastering the Battle Copter and Troops Abilities in Builder Base 2.0 Update

Maximize your Builder Base attacks and loot with the new hero and troop abilities. Learn how to use the new features and buildings in this Builder Bas
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Are you looking for the best ways to improve your Builder Base strategy in Clash of Clans? The latest Builder Base update brings exciting new features, such as a new hero, troop abilities, and two villages. Understanding these new features and how they work is key to maximizing your attacks and loot.

Mastering the Battle Copter and Troops Abilities in Builder Base 2.0 Update


The Builder Base update brings in a new hero, the battle copter, and troop abilities. It's important to understand how these work to maximize your six-star attacks and the amount of loot you gain. This article will guide you through the new features of the Builder Base update, explaining how to use the new hero and troop abilities, and how to maximize loot.

Two Villages and New Buildings

Switch Heroes  in builder base 2.0 update

Once you hit Builder Hall 6, you unlock a second village with a number of new buildings, including the new hero. With two heroes, you can switch them before an attack. However, you can only use one hero at a time, since the master builder is operating them. Let's say you select the ground battle machine for your first attack. If you three-star and the battle machine survives at the end of that attack, any hero ability not used will automatically trigger to take advantage of its healing effect. If the battle machine was not full in health, that is where you would be starting if you chose to continue with it. However, you could choose to switch out to the battle copter, which would have full health since it hasn't been used yet. 

If your battle machine does not survive the first stage but you do three-star it in the second village, you can still use the battle copter, and it would still have full HP. The same obviously applies no matter which hero you pick. 

OTTO's outpost  in builder base 2.0 update

The new village also brings Otto's Outpost, where the second builder resides. It acts as the Builder Hall for the second stage, so destroying it provides a star. However, there are defending zappies underneath the other new building, the reinforcement camp.

Reinforcement Camp

Reinforcement Camp  in builder base 2.0 update

The reinforcement camp is the first unlocked building at Builder Hall 6, with the second at Builder Hall 9. It is just like an army camp, providing an extra slot for troops, but only once you get to the second stage being reinforcement troops. They would have their abilities, but any unused troop abilities from the first stage would transfer across to the second. There are some troops that have reusable abilities, which you could then use over both stages, but you need to know how to use the abilities to their best effectiveness. 

Troop Abilities

Raged Barbarian

Raged Barbarian  in builder base 2.0 update

Let's go over the troop abilities, starting with the raged Barbarian. It has a passive ability increasing the speed and damage for 20 seconds. You only have four raged barbarians per army camp slot now, so they are a lot stronger in themselves. Other than lower Builder Hall levels, their main use case is in searching for Tesla in order to then allow your Canon card to outrange defenses with its mortar mode. You will only be using one or two to scout for Tesla, so the others you can use to easily increase percentage if you know the six-star is not possible, or in order to pick off outside buildings which might include exposed guard post troops. 

Interesting to note, if you were to use only two Barbarians in stage one, they survived and transferred to stage two. They would not have the raged bonus to begin with, but the two unused barbarians would have their raged bonus. So in cases where you have multiple troops in an army camp slot, they have passive abilities, so they are preserved to the individual troop for the second stage. 

Sneaky Archer

Sneaky Archer in builder base 2.0 update

The sneaky Archer again has its passive invisibility for 10 seconds. Likewise, you could use the sneaky Archer to test for Tesla. It comes down to what you're going to use the rest of the army cam slot for. If there were defenses that were slightly exposed towards the edge of the map and the sneaky archers could use their invisibility to sneak past them, then that's a good use case. Additionally, the sneaky archers can be used to pick off exposed buildings that are out of reach for other troops. 

Boxer Gaint

Boxer Gaint in builder base 2.0 update

The Boxer Giant has a passive ability to heal itself for 8% of its maximum health per second for 5 seconds. This makes it a very strong troop for tanking and surviving against defenses while your other troops do the damage. It's also useful for taking out the Crusher, which has a high damage output, but low health. The Boxer Giant can tank the Crusher's damage while your other troops take it out from a safe distance. 

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Beta Minion

Beta Minion in builder base 2.0 update

The Beta minions, they have their passive ability but it is a lot stronger for the first seven shots. It will be faster deal more damage and from a longer range. Don't worry the drop ship minion strategy is still viable in Builder base 2.0 so that is clearly, one of the methods you could use this for you. Also might find the odd ground-based defense that you're able to snipe and that might be a reason that you use the beta minions over the rage barbarians or the sneaky archers to test for Tesla. But as I mentioned you're only going to use one or two minions to do so the others you need to be able to utilize since you don't have a huge amount of troops in Builder base 2.0.


Bomber in builder base 2.0 update

The Bomber has a passive ability to deal double damage to walls. It's great for taking out clusters of walls, especially if they're surrounded by defenses. Additionally, if there are a lot of buildings clustered together, you can use the Bomber to take them out quickly. 

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon in builder base 2.0 update

The baby dragon much like the giant has two abilities as well one being its passive tantrum ability where it is enraged when it's out of range of other air troops and the second is its one-time active ability fiery sneeze. Essentially it spits out a huge ball of fire so you want to use this as it is approach watching any air targeting defenses whether it's an Archer Tower. You're trying to snipe off on the perimeter of the base likewise the firecrackers. If they are easily accessible for the baby dragon, the sneeze ability can virtually One-Shot them so it can easily take it down. The other nice use case is when the zappies pop out underneath the Auto's Outpost, it can wipe them all out in one shot. I really like using the baby dragon with the smaller Villages and I also like utilizing other troops to enable the baby dragon much like the technique I discussed earlier with the sneaky archers.

Cannon Cart

Cannon Cart in builder base 2.0 update

The Cannon Cart has a passive ability to switch to mortar mode, increasing its range and damage. It's great for taking out defenses from a safe distance. However, you need to be careful with its placement, as it's vulnerable to air attacks. 

Night Witch

Night Witch in builder base 2.0 update

The Night Witch, which has a one-time ability called Swarm. When activated, the ability spawns a large number of angry bats that can quickly take down defenses. While the ability can be effective for side-swiping a base with a tank like a Giant or Battle Machine, it is not the most powerful troop available.

Drop Ship

Drop Ship in builder base 2.0 update

Another troop with a one-time ability is the Drop Ship. Its ability, called Skeleton Bomb, deals a massive amount of damage and drops seven skeletons when activated. The Drop Ship itself acts as a tank, dropping skeletons from above as your other troops move through. It is best used in dense areas with many defenses, as it deals a lot of damage.

Power P.E.K.K.A.

Power PEKKA in builder base 2.0 update

The Power Pekka is a powerful troop with an ability that is more usable in Builder Base 2.0. When the Power Pekka dies, it deals damage to surrounding buildings and can splash a couple of tiles forward. This can be useful when moving into a base and dealing with guard post troops or taking out defenses behind a wall.

Hog Glider

Hog Glider in builder base 2.0 update

Other troops, such as the Raged Barbarian, Sneaky Archer, and Beta Minion, are limited to one per Army Camp slot. The Hog Gliders, however, can be used in pairs and have a stun ability that is effective when combined with other troops. Using mass Hog Riders can also be effective in Builder Base mode, as there are fewer defenses on each base.

Battle Machine

Battle Machine and Battle Copter Charging in builder base 2.0 update

Moving on to the Heroes available in Builder Base mode, let's discuss the Battle Machine and Battle Copter. The Battle Machine is the first hero unlocked and has a constantly charging ability. In Builder Base 2.0, charge levels have been added to Heroes, with the damage per second and health recovery increasing as the charge level goes up. The Battle Machine's electric hammer can also target multiple buildings, with two and three targets at charge levels one and two, respectively.

Battle Copter 

Battle Copter in builder base 2.0 update

The Battle Copter is another hero available in Builder Base mode. The Master Builder is inside a helicopter and will target the nearest building, whether it is a defense or not. The Battle Copter's Bomb Rush ability allows it to accelerate towards its target and deal massive damage. It can be used to take down major defenses or to support ground-based or air-based armies.


Understanding the Builder Base update and the new hero and troop abilities is key to maximizing your loot and six-star attacks. Use the reinforcement camp to add an extra slot for troops, and take advantage of troop abilities to take out defenses and pick off exposed buildings. With these strategies, you'll be able to dominate in the Builder Base and earn plenty of loot.

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